ECO-Aqualizer II  Wrassman's Product Review

Discussion in 'Product Review Archives' started by Wrassman, Mar 24, 2003.

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  1. Wrassman

    Wrassman Peppermint Shrimp

    Mar 9, 2003
    Stockbridge, GA,Georgia
    ECO-Aqualizer II *Wrassman's Product Review

    I am scheduled to get my ECO-Aqualizer on Wednesday, so until then, I have a couple of things I wanted to do, to get ready for my testing and research of this product.

    The first was to work on my tank a little bit today, which I have done. I am going to work on it some more tomorrow, get some testing equipment from my LFS and also take some photos. This will be my baseline "BEFORE." I know that my waste chemicals are all 0, because I regularly test those. I do not know my redox, because I do not test that, (but will tomorrow after getting equipment from LFS). I will basically be testing all that I can tomorrow, so that I know where I stand on trace elements, etc. My friend at the LFS has "volunteered" to help me out with this.

    Now, that's really all for today. Except I'd like to share something with you. This is a letter written to the members at ExtremeReef, which is really Answers to some Questions that they had submitted to Carl Denzler. It's really self explanatory, and quite educational. The reason I am re-printing it here, is that I do NOT feel that it was properly addressed in that other Forum, and I will try to use my "Product Review" as a vehicle to respond to what was offered by Mr.Denzler. So, here is the Q&A, in it's entireity.
    [glow=Blue, 1, 600]Q: Photons are electromagnetic radiation. This radiation is known as light, in this case far infrared light. To have light you need energy. If you need no electricity for the ECO-Aqualizer, where does the energy come from to build the photons? The same question in other words, if ECO-Aqualizer puts energy into the water (breaking down some Hydrogen bondings) what is the source for that energy?[/glow]

    [glow=red, 1, 600]A: Recent studies on biotechnology revealed that the far-infrared rays having wavelength ranging from 6 microns to 14 microns played an important role for formation and growing of living things.

    For this reason, this specific far-infrared rays are
    called "biogenetic rays". All living things on the
    earth have, as integral parts of them, water and
    proteins. Water molecules are always oscillating. If
    water molecules are expose to oscillating action of
    8-10 micron wavelength (some as wavelength of water
    molecular oscillation), the "resonance" occurs between
    the two oscillations.

    The resonance causes ionization of water into hydrogen
    ion and hydroxide ion at extremely high speed (10/12
    sec.). This ionization is called "activation of
    water". If such activation of water occurs cellular
    tissues, the metabolism of cells and excretion of
    residues from cells or nutrition are enhanced ..
    promoted growing of living things. The infrared rays
    from the sun are peak at 3.5 to 10 microns of
    wavelength. Therefore it can be easily understood that
    the infrared rays 0f 6 to 14 microns are particularly
    important for a living things.

    Our 'Far infrared" is not an actual light source that needs energy to operate it. It is in itself a type of electromagnetic radiation and throws off its own energy as explained above. This biotechnology was originally developed by NASA and further refined by the medical industry. It is a bioceramic reflective material which has properties of electromagnetic radiation yielding the far infrared wavelength.

    End of Part I
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  3. Wrassman

    Wrassman Peppermint Shrimp

    Mar 9, 2003
    Stockbridge, GA,Georgia
    [glow=Blue, 1, 600]Q: Why do fishes become lethargic when ECO-Aqualizer is overdosed?[/glow]

    [glow=red, 1, 600]A: First, this customer that posted that info was not using proper guidelines. He as using a unit twice as large as his tank. I don't like to use the term overdosed, but his observations may have been a temporary adjustment. There is some scientific evidence and corresponding opinion that the observation is resultant to maximized resonant energy of living animals. If the organism
    has been conditioned to a level of energy and the
    environment changes, it takes adjustment. The
    organisms must adapt to changes in ion strength as per
    conditions like osmotic pressure.

    Research has revealed the evidence that all structural
    changes of water dispersed systems treated by magnetic
    field have to do with the ions of substances present
    in the water, colloidal particles of considerable
    magnetic susceptibility and water changes.

    One can get the smattering of magnetic field effects
    on water dispersed systems to a certain extent, if
    proceed from the theory that links structural changes
    of water dispersed systems to ion formation. According
    to this theory, the magnetic field affects the ions
    making their way through it and brings about the
    Lorentz forces, which can be calculated by way of the
    following equation:

    F = K · q · v · H · sin a (1) given that,
    K - coefficient of proportionality;
    q - ion charge;
    v - ion velocity;
    H - magnetic field strength;
    a - angle of magnetic field direction with the ion flow.

    The equation (1) shows that the Lorentz forces
    intensify with the growth of ion charge, magnetic
    field strength, flow velocity and perpendicularity of
    ions crossing magnetic field lines. The Lorentz forces
    act on positively and negatively charged ions (cations
    and anions) and make them diverge in opposite

    We ask that everyone use the proper unit to avoid sudden fluxes, please refer to website for indication of proper unit. Bigger is not Better and unnecessary expense.

    [glow=Blue, 1, 600]Q: Magnets are used in water conduits for restructuring calcium carbonate ions, decreasing tartar (is this the right word for that white coating building up in kettles? ). Will these ions also be restructured in our aquarium water and what effect will this have? [/glow]

    [glow=red, 1, 600]A: Yes. However keep in mind the nature of the solution (marine water) and the importance to view such as a solvent to solute relationship. The
    aquarium is a matrix of ions and molecules searching
    for equilibrium or satisfied ground state.

    Water structure changes set off by addition of
    dissolved substances (impurities) can be of different
    degree and are dependent upon the value and nature of
    charge distribution in ions (particles), their sizes,
    configuration and other reasons. Impurities enter the
    voids of the water hexagonal cage with stabilizing or
    destroying effects subject to the size of additives.
    That is why both the structure and properties of water
    dispersed systems hinge upon the nature of dispersed
    phase, concentration, temperature, etc.

    When magnetic field is applied from outside, water
    dispersed systems have precession of individual shells
    of the particles present in the water. It also initiates polarization of electron clouds in water molecules. However, unlike pure water with nearly same precession in identical atoms because of equality of all molecules, identical atoms do not precede at the same interval in solutions. This is caused by diversified polarization of molecules by ion electric
    fields. There is also a different shift of electric shells of water molecules that envelop the ions.

    End Part II
  4. Wrassman

    Wrassman Peppermint Shrimp

    Mar 9, 2003
    Stockbridge, GA,Georgia
    [glow=Blue, 1, 600]Q: The website states that " toxins are added to your tank, water molecules become tightly bonded to each other" Water molecules are always bonded to each other. Hydrogen bonds create matrices within a water column are the reason why water does the fantastic things that it does (ice floating, capillary action, universal solvent, etc, etc) These hydrogen bonds are fleeting and are even more shortly lived that the ionic bonding experience between Sodium and chloride ions. To eliminate or even significantly effect hydrogen bonding....? I can see how a properly aligned magnetic field could affect polarization off of a polar solvent, but in a 3 dimensional matrix I don't see how hydrogen bonding could not come into play. [/glow]

    [glow=red, 1, 600]A: The hydrogen bond is in this case the secondary player when viewed in this perspective. Let's go back to the original topic. In simplest terms we have two subjects of interest as solvent and solute. Solvent is aquarium water and solutes have been all, which is contained in the solvent. Taking a real close look at sea salts and all the biological properties of a living system this would be a far reaching array of ions and molecules. This leads to the concept of the micelle or structured interaction of the solutes. Energy relationships and interrelationships have been illustrated as of great importance, particularly when viewed from photon and the resonance association to energy. To change and realign the web of water molecules is naturally rearranging many H-H attracting relationships. The water molecules themselves are constantly changing, reacting, and moving to electron charge field and subsequent natural Electromagnetic field. Adding external magnetic field assuredly alters the mechanisms. [/glow]

    [glow=Blue, 1, 600]Q: The website goes on to mention overall decreases in phosphorus, chlorides, sulfates and others, however the page does not mention how this mass transfer takes place. Where do the chloride and sulfate go? Salt creep? [/glow]

    [glow=red, 1, 600]A: The magnetic device does not remove or add particles (mass). If there is exchange of sorts it is exchange with the hydrosphere to atmosphere of
    products like N2 and radical oxygen. Decrease of ion
    elements like phosphorous, chlorides, sulfates, and others is a change in state. Theoretically what we see is a change to availability of the living system we've created called the aquarium. It is important to note that all of the elements mentioned have biological uses. If in acceptable form they are
    placed back into the living energy cycle.

    Our original lab work was conducted by an outside source, several years ago. Our testing and test probes we use are designed to measure ionic states dependent on the limitations of their design. We do not measure all the states ions
    and molecules have. Of the above mentioned elements
    what is the preferred by living cells so as to
    exchange substances across membranes by osmotic
    differential? What changes must the cell perform to
    meet such requirements? Is it more difficult to achieve osmotic exchange when water micelle is more complex?

    Again let's go back to water as a solvent and remembering that oxygen has a negative charge due to its unsharing pair of electrons, and hydrogens have a positive charge. Water is also a solvent for electrolytes like the afore mentioned list. The electrolytes / metabolites will orient themselves to the magnetic field, thereby moving the water molecule into an ordered form according to the electrolyte micelle. The structure and function of the natural micelle has been realigned. The alignment will help photon and osmotic mechanisms if for no other reason than enthalpy. In lose terms it can be thought of as bioavailability. Also, because of the new realignment, and transfer of energy (electrons), we have in effect ionization. Which is simply the transfer of electron ions.

    Hope these all helps answer your questions adequately.

    As always a pleasure......... Carl Denzer

    End Part III

    Edit: Paragraph alignment. [smiley=square.gif]
  5. Gresham

    Gresham Great Blue Whale

    Nov 7, 2002
    SF/Monterey Bay Area, CA
    Correction to wrassemans post:


    A: First, this customer that posted that info was not using proper guidelines. He as using a unit twice as large as his tank.

    Ok, I can only assume he's again referring to me and my tank.

    Simple math: 100 VIEWING, 40g SUMP, 12 Surge in formula looks like this:
    Eco's math:

    WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER 52 gallons. When installing or adding ANYTHING to your aquarium, you account for ALL the water, not the viewing area.
  6. Wrassman

    Wrassman Peppermint Shrimp

    Mar 9, 2003
    Stockbridge, GA,Georgia
    Hey all,

    I received my E125 yesterday. It came in the afternoon, and it was around 8:30-9:00pm before I got it "hooked up," so I haven't had a chance to report on it as I would have liked.

    First things first, my readings yesterday were not as good as I would have liked, and I really have no good explanation for a couple of them. Here's the list and I want to talk about a couple of them:

    [glow=White, 1, 600]Temp -- 79F
    Ammo -- 0
    Nitrite -- 0
    Nitrate -- 25ppm
    pH -- 8.3
    Ca -- 480
    Mg -- 1250
    Alk -- no test

    The nitrates are higher than usual. I normally have nitrates around 15-20ppm, simply because I like to feed my fish. [smiley=grin3.gif] I will get my LFS to test Phosphates on Saturday, but I didn't have a good test this evening (too old).

    I don't understand why Ca and Mg are so low, when I regularly dose those with Kent Turbo Calc and Tech-M. Either my test is old or something is screwy in my tank. I'll verify this when I get my LFS to test everything on Saturday (Alk too).

    I had noticed for the past two or three days that the water in the tank was turning yellowish, and this would be a time that I would normally use carbon, or a polyfilter. I put the ECO on and after 30 minutes, the yellow color was GONE!!! This is faster than carbon or a polyfilter would have done. This is the fastest I've ever seen color removed from my tank. That was significant enough for me to report immediately. [smiley=deal2.gif]

    I have some other observations for today, but I'm going to save them for a separate post, since this is a belated post from last night.
  7. Wrassman

    Wrassman Peppermint Shrimp

    Mar 9, 2003
    Stockbridge, GA,Georgia
    This is how I hooked my ECO up. I kept it entirely in my sump, kinda "bypassing" my skimmer. I ran a 1/2" hose from the "refugium" side, into the ECO, and to the "return" side. The ECO is driven by a PH 402 running at 1/2 speed. Seems to be working great at this point. Here's a diagram:

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  9. Wrassman

    Wrassman Peppermint Shrimp

    Mar 9, 2003
    Stockbridge, GA,Georgia
    My ECO has been hooked up approximately 20 hours now. As far as the plainly visible benefits, I can see them clearly:

    [glow=Maroon, 1, 600]Fish become more lively
    All feeding appetites are increased
    Stress levels seem to disappear completely
    Water becomes crystal clarity
    Animals maintain vibrant colors
    Animals look very happy and healthy
    Protein skimmers accumulate more debris
    [/glow]Copyright © 2002. ECO-Aqualizer. All Rights Reserved.​

    I am amazed at the difference a few hours has made. I would have never guessed that the ECO could cause such phenomenon. If you believe that this is hocus-pocus, I want you to come over to my house and convince MY FISH. [smiley=laugh4.gif] [smiley=wave.gif]
  10. Mauireefer

    Mauireefer Astrea Snail

    Mar 24, 2003
    South Fla,
    Wow thats great to hear Wrassman, now I know what im gonna do about my eel, have you heard anything on your son yet? I hope Al returns soon and well.God Bless you and your son and our troops...
    I was skeptical about it, but hearing it from you, makes me feel alot better about it..thanks

  11. lzb3

    lzb3 Astrea Snail

    Mar 15, 2003
    Lower Alabama, AL,Alabama
    Wrass, what did the eco cost you if you don't mind me asking?

    What size tank (total water volume) are you running this on?

    Are your measurable water params different than they were before?

    Just curious.....although I don't doubt what you are saying, it is hard for me to conceptualize as I have never seen your tank!


  12. RogerL

    RogerL Fire Worm

    Mar 20, 2003
    Chicago (U of I), IL,Illinois
    is there a website for the ECO-Aqualizer? would you recommend that other aquarists look into getting one?