DIY overflow problems

Discussion in 'ASAP' started by klaberjd, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Todd_Sails

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    Jul 3, 2011
    A Texan in S.E. Wisconsin
    I PM'd you a message regarding this.

    First of all-
    IMHO, and unfortunatley, not a popular one here, is that you can build, inexpensively a surface skimming DIY overflow that works like or even BETTER than a RR tank overflow- yet it does rely on a siphon.

    Second of all-
    With any siphon- you have to think like aeromautical engineers, and put safe guard and redundancy into the system- or unfortunately you COULD clean up a lot of SW.

    - Either limit the return volume when the siphon quits- which could burn up your RP- better than mopping up SW however!
    - You system has 2 separate OF's? Why? Can the system stilll run w/o a flood with only 1? ?? So if one of your fails- ?

    Back to the easy to install safe guards!!

    Here is what I use in my thread- please look at the link in the 1st post of my thread.

    Now- dude! Back to the safeguards!
    You use a siphon style overflow, right? I don't really care if you use stor bought, with or without an aqualifter, etc. Still a siphon!

    Dude! You stated you run an APEX controller?
    I don't - BUT- I thought there was a high (and also a low) water level switch, that when your DT is about to overflow, it sends the signal to your APEX-
    To CUT THE POWER to your Return pump-- no more floods!
    I use a device that works well (cause I've tested it many times, and if I clean the sides too vigorously on my DT- the wave hits my sensor, and shuts my RP down!) that's in my thread above.

    However, IF I HAD an APEX controller- I'd use that sensor!

    PS, My DT is im my family room, 1st floor, and I've plumbed my sump to the basement.
    I've NEVER had a flood!!- Thank GOD!

    I got this system for a safeguard- reduncancy if you will, so I wouldn't risk it, 'cause after all- I USE a siphon style overflow! AND my current DIY sump would pump at least 20-35g back into my DT, on onto my floor, carpet, run to the basement, soak the wood, etc.

    Even 1 g of SW would suck, I'm so sorry this happened to you.

    I want to help, so in the future, you and your wife, and your DT livestock are all happy!!

    PS- and my DIY sump and DIY overflow short vids are in my sig