DI all the time?

Discussion in 'Water Chemistry' started by NUGIO, Feb 17, 2004.

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  1. Land_Fish

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    [quote author=hottielover14 link=board=Water;num=1077095208;start=0#8 date=03/20/04 at 13:59:45]can u use the DI went the resin is done.[/quote]

    When resin is done... or spent then it will no value and will stop filtering your water. This is why we use a TDS meter to do spot checks of the produced water.

    I just just changed the DI and the sed and 2 charcoal filters. I must have read the TDS meter wrong the other day but today I had a reading of 9. [smiley=hammer.gif] [smiley=oops.gif]
    Any way decided to clean the 45 gallon container so I trashed the water stored in it and guess what I found at the bottom. The tip of the glass heater, wow wonder how long that was like that. I have 2 heaters in there so the temp was always good. Someone was looking out for me.
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  3. Land_Fish

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    Or maybe it was 3reef Karma? [smiley=thinking2.gif]
  4. hottielover14

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    Feb 7, 2004
    Vancouver, WA,Washington
    what does TDS stand for.
  5. NUGIO

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    Dec 5, 2003
    MO VAL, CA
    Total dissolved solids Its what you cant see in your water like metals chlorine ect...

    Lucky :eek: Was the heater in your topoff or make up water? Cause i dont heat my topoff.So it helps with the tank temp
  6. Land_Fish

    Land_Fish Guest

    [quote author=NUGIO link=board=Water;num=1077095208;start=0#13 date=03/21/04 at 12:23:35]
    Lucky  :eek:  Was the heater in your topoff or make up water? Cause i dont heat my topoff.So it helps with the tank temp[/quote]

    No this was in the 45 gallon rubber maid tub / trashcan.
  7. Land_Fish

    Land_Fish Guest

    Walters talking....
    [quote author=the_h2o_guru link=board=Newbie;num=1082074566;start=15#16 date=04/22/04 at 17:12:35] Hi
    If you are lloking at buying an R.O. D.I. please take a moment to read this . You do not want a 100 gpd membrnane .
    The rejection of the 100 gpd FilmTec membrane is only 90 -92 %
    If your water is 300 p.p.m. your R.O. will make water that is between 24 - 40 p.p.m. tds
    If you use any of trhe FilmTec membranes smaller than the 100 the rejection goes up . The smaller membranes reject upto 98 % .
    SO on the same water your R.O. will make 9-12 p.p.m. tds water .

    Why is this important ? D.I. life .The more tds the water has the shorter the D.I. life .
    From this example you can see that the D.I on a 100 gpd system will only last 1/3 to 1/2 as long .
    Or you operating cost will be triple to double of what it could be .
    There is one vendor out there saying the a 100 gpd membrane will last 25 - 30 % longer than a 75 gpd .
    Way stupid, by this reasioning a 6,000 gallon membrane would last forever . All membranes last about the same lenght of time . Foiuling not size determine the life of the membrane .

    The H2O Guru Walter