Clownfish Harassment

Discussion in 'Tropical Fish' started by Jup4_Lita85, Mar 18, 2018.

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  1. Jup4_Lita85

    Jup4_Lita85 Astrea Snail

    Feb 4, 2011
    Kinzers, Pennsylvania
    Long story, yesterday I broke down a 135 FOWLR to use the live rock in my 150 FOWLR and to get rid of the physical tank because I just can’t handle 2 tanks anymore with everything else going on in my life right now.

    The rock in my 150 looked horrible and it has since I started the tank 6 years ago. Consider it a newbie mistake to buy cheap LR off of Craigslist… So I have decided that I want to kill the LR in my 150 and then reuse some of it in a new aquascape while merging it with pieces of the 135 that were mature and perfect (growing lots of sponges, no hair algae, etc.) So yesterday I did this, started bleaching the rock I wanted to save from the 150 and moved the rock I wanted to keep from the 135.

    Here’s where the problem started… One of the pieces of rock I moved from the 135 came with a mated pair of clownfish that live in a cave of the rock. Really cool! There is already an O. Clownfish living in the 150. I put it all together and the single clownfish is having a hard time either accepting his new tank mates or is really jealous of their cave or both.

    My question. Will these guys ever learn to live together or must a rehome a clownfish. The tank currently has 4 damsels, 1 PJ cardinal, 1 blue tang, 3 clownfish, and a sally lightfoot. So there is plenty of room to move around.

    Any advice greatly appreciated. I currently have the angry single clown in a catch cup in the tank so there is no current fighting.

    Sorry for the long post!
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