clown with fin rot

Discussion in 'ASAP' started by serotonin, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. serotonin

    serotonin Purple Spiny Lobster

    Apr 20, 2006
    New Berlin, WI
    Well its in teh QT and the fish is degrading, the rot is running right up to the second white strip (midsection) where the flesh is becomming pale and red. Looks like its going to be game over for this guy, S I G H. I can tell he must be in pain because he isnt trying to swim around at all accept for a few spirts here and there.
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  3. rickzter

    rickzter Torch Coral

    Sep 8, 2005
    You know, in my experience the fin rot comes and goes in very small levels. He might have developed an infection and that's gonna be the death of him. Now that he's ill, the fungus is riding him out.
  4. aquemeni

    aquemeni Plankton

    Jan 15, 2010

    I also have a maroon clown with torn fins,I don't think its fin rot though,actually i have been introducing new animals into my tank and it has caused my clown to compulsively move sand around if you notice it doing this maybe thats the cause.