Clams and Green Star Polyps

Discussion in 'Clams' started by greysoul, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. greysoul

    greysoul Stylophora

    Apr 19, 2009
    Hey all, I think I need to move my clam (T. Maxima, ORA Ultra, about 2.5" long). 2 years on the tank floor and it's always looked healthy, but little growth, and the last day or so it's been squirming and falling over...

    The ONLY place in my tank that is in a decent location under a light is a rock currently encrusted with green star polyp (GSP)

    So my question is how should I proceed?

    My thoughts in order of how hard they would be to accomplish:

    Set the clam amongst the GSP and hope they don't annoy the clam to death. (Do clams have any bio-chemical defense against encroachment of encrusting corals?)

    Remove as much of the GSP under and immediately around the placement of the clam (GSP grows really fast, so I figure in 2 months is would be the same problem as above)

    Remove the rock, and scrape the GSP off the entire rock and remove it entirely from my tank? (I like the GSP, it's well behaved where it is, confined to one rock, as all the other rocks are covered in zoas, mushrooms, and various other corals, so I'd like to keep some in the tank)


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  3. pgoodsell

    pgoodsell Horrid Stonefish

    Apr 6, 2009
    Sparks, Nv