Caroline Island Blue Stripes

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    Photo below Caroline Island Blue Stripes (A. chrysopterus)

    Among most clownfish enthusiasts, especially those who collect Blue Stripes (A. chrysopterus), it is common knowledge that two distinct variations exist for Blue Stripes - the orange fin variety, and the white tail variety. The former are generally found in the waters of Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga and a number of areas around those regions. The latter are found in the waters around the Solomon Islands, and these, further, have a melanistic variety because of their association with S. mertensii. Carpet anemones, including S. haddoni and S. gigantea, carry chemical/enzymatic properties that tend to melanise clownfish.

    Photos below Fiji Blue Stripes (A. chrysopterus)

    Photo below Solomon Island Blue Stripe (A. chrysopterus)

    Photo below Solomon Island Blue Stripe/Melanistic variety (A.chrysopterus)

    For some time now we are aware of a 3rd variation which exists around the waters of the remote Caroline Island. We recently received 4 adult specimens from that region.
    2 bonded pairs, possibly mated because of their size. Because we understand nature to be not wasteful, the relative sizes of the fish, 5.5" females, 3" and 4" males, would indicate that they could have been spawning in the wild before being collected.

    Distinct from the other 2 variations, this 3rd variation shows:

    a) Fin and under belly coloration, deep yellow coloration as compared to an orange-yellow or orange-brown fin coloration of the Fiji and Solomon Island variety;
    b) Caudal fin: whitish translucent with a visible yellow hue and a clear pencil line yellow edging on the bottom of the caudal fin. This feature is generally absent;
    in the Fiji and Solomon Island variety. Solomon island specimens generally have a creamy white to clear solid white caudal fin coloration, generally without the yellow pencil line edging
    c) Liberal spread of yellow on the under belly raising to about a third of its front body from lower jaw to just behind pectoral fin;
    d) Body is mostly of a black coloration, diffusing to a black-bluish color on the front of head beyond the front of the 1st bar to upper lip line.
    e) 1st bar is noticeably wider in comparison to most blue stripes.
    f) A relatively taller body to length ratio as compared to the Fiji variety much more so when compared to the Solomon Island variety.

    Photos below Caroline Island Blue Stripe (A. chrysopterus)

    The Blue Stripe is a beautiful clownfish and once acclimated to captivity it is relatively hardy. However, almost all Blue Stripes collected from the wild are infected with low levels of the Brooklynella parasite. In the wild this is generally non life threatening, but in a closed system the parasite multiplies rapidly and can overwhelm and kill these majestic fish in a matter of hours. Unlike Ick or Velvet, the Brooklynella parasite multiplies by cell division ( simple binary fission) and can therefore kill a lot quicker. Here are a couple of links you can go to for more info on identification, treatment etc.Brooklynella, Clownfish Disease - Brooklynella Diagnosis and Treatment

    Important caution: Never buy Blue Stripes from any source that does not follow a quarantine protocol to proactively treat them.

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