can you feel the love tonight?

Discussion in 'Inverts' started by Sataly, Apr 19, 2015.

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  1. Sataly

    Sataly Coral Banded Shrimp

    Apr 24, 2014
    Spring Texas
    The great thing about doing a large water change is seeing all of the inhabitants happy and and especially when you see breeding right before your eyes. my torchus snails were in the mood as soon as the pumps were back on and started to shoot their stuff up in the water column. you can kind of see the eggs being shot and the sperm is very obvious.

    edit: nevermind, upon looking at the photo again you cant make the difference between the eggs and the galaxia tips lol but I promise you they're there. some escaping from the hungry galaxia.

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  3. subzero3z

    subzero3z Astrea Snail

    Mar 24, 2015
    Two of my Hermits got on top of each other and just hung there not moving.