Can we join the steemit blockchain and make $$ posting/blogging/commenting?

Discussion in 'The Bucket' started by nanomania, Jun 4, 2017.

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  1. nanomania

    nanomania Vagabond Butterfly

    May 23, 2011
    mumbai, india
    Hey guys, i just came across this blogging site called, basically its a blockchain forum site, which pays you when people upvote/like your posts or comments. Well im sure many of the tech guys must be knowing about this site. We can connect our site to steem blockchain or build a new site and connect it to steem blockchain, jus like

    Iv been checking the site since a month, and just 10days back i started to post some content, and already made decent bucks. Its legit. Its something like when bitcoinc came out, people called it fake and stupid,but now we know where its heading. I think this is going to revolutionize the world of blogging and social media.

    Here is the photo of the trending posts with howmuch they ate making:

    I also spoke to one of the moderators to make a pets and aquarium chat channel, and they were very kind to make one for fellow hobbyists on steemit chat. Yes there are a few reefers and other aquarium hobbyists too there.


    Guys, i feel this is going to be way bigger then facebook and other social media sites..

    I hope you guys like the idea.

    Also follow me there, here is the link:

    Thank you.

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