Build My LED strip on ATI Sunpower

Discussion in 'Reef Lighting' started by Av8Bluewater, Jun 22, 2014.

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  1. Av8Bluewater

    Av8Bluewater Giant Squid

    Aug 27, 2008
    atiblueplus.jpg ATIBlueAndBML.jpg bmlonly.jpg Got my BML actinic strip this week.
    The fluorescence is crazy. I have it set where the first hour in the morning and last 1.5 hours in the evening is the BML strip only.
    If you love the Psychedelic look this is a good option.
    LEDs : Standard actinic model with 450, 470 and 405.
    I considered a custom model to ad some 420 but I think I made the right choice.
    Camera set to 12,800K (high as my camera goes). Shot raw only adjusted sharpness a bit. The color in photos seem very accurate.
    Didn't take any daylight photos it's hard to tell the difference in a photo. With the daylights it gives a hint of blue like a radium that my bulb combo didn't have before. I run two Blue plus for dusk/dawn and it gives a crisper blue with much more fluorescence. Middle photo is two blue plus and the LED.
    LED only is just nuts.
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  3. Vinnyboombatz

    Vinnyboombatz Giant Squid

    Oct 24, 2010
    Dunnellon, Florida
    Wow thats insane!!!Tank looks fantastic!!
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