Aqua Illuminations SOL Super Blue Modular LED Lighting System, BLACK

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    Jan 25, 2007

    Aqua Illuminations SOL Super Blue Modular LED Lighting System, BLACK.

    Reduced Energy

    The AI modules are some of the most efficient lighting products on the market. Because of the lower energy consumption, an AI module will realize over a 1/3 savings when compared to the equivalent us of a low output metal halide (250W) bulb.

    No Heat Increase

    The AI shows less than a 1 degree water temperature increase over a 12 hour period. A low output metal halide (250W) bulb in the same configuration shows an increase of over 15 degrees. Because of this, it is unlikely that aquarists will have to use chillers when running AI modules resulting in substantial savings from equipment purchases and energy consumption.

    Over 8 Times Longer Life

    The AI’s modules are rated for over 50,000 hours providing for years of maintenance free and environmentally friendly use. Metal Halides require costly annual replacements due to deteriorating output and unpredictable color drift.

    Built in the USA

    Every AI product is made with high quality components. We assemble each unit at the AI headquarters and have been doing so since 2007. We test all critical components in-house including a PAR output, heat output, and electricity consumption test after a 24 hour burn in period for each module to ensure that each AI module is of the highest quality.


    Array: * 8 Triple Lenses ( (2W x 1B) * 8) = 24 LEDs total

    White: * Quantity: 8
    * Cree: XPGWHT-L1
    * Correlated Color Temperature (CCT): 6500K White LED Wavelength

    Blue: * Quantity: 16
    * Cree: XPEBLU-L1
    * Dominate Wavelength: 470nm Blue LED Wavelength

    Module DIMENSIONS: Length: * 11.875 inches
    Width: * 5.375 inches
    Height: * 2.35 inches
    Weight: * 4.125 pounds

    Power Supply: Power Output: * 72W
    Universal Input Range: * 100 to 240VAC / 50-60Hz
    AC Cable Length: * 6 ft
    DC Cable Length: * 10 ft
    AC Connector: * IEC 320 Inlet Dimensions (L x W x H): * 4.6 x 2.1 x 1.25 in.
    Weight: * 10 ounces
    Regulatory Compliance (meets requirements/limits): * UL, CE, & RoHS†

    For more information on our quality Aquarium LED Lighting and other aquarium products please visit us at

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