Any Tips for Repacking an R.O. Filter?

Discussion in 'Filters, Pumps, etc..' started by Matt Rogers, Apr 29, 2003.

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    The membrane is installed via an o-ring seal . The seal is made at the bottom inch of the membrane vessel . The o-rings on the end of the membrane should be lubricated with a water resistant silicon lube . If you don't happen to have any use some dish soap . Apply just enough to make the o-rings slick .
    Make certain you actually align the membrane end with the cavity at the bottom of the membrane vessel . PUSH that is it .
    Removal is acccomplished by pulling . Use a plier or pipe wrench , Grip the product tube the plastic pipe in the center of the membrane and pull . But pull for only one inch. Don't pull as if you had to remove the whole membrane . You will end up hurling the membrane
    across the room or hitting your self .

    Membranes with or with out a fast flush should last 3-5 years not ( 2) years .

    All Dow Chemical membranes FilmTec membranes are tested prior to shipping . They are shipped dry for a very good reason BACTERIA . Dry membranes have an indefinite shelf life .While wet membranes should be stored at 60 degrees F for max six months .
    The standard of rejection for the FilmTec TW30 -1812 -75 is 98 percent . No testing needed after the mambrane was factory sealed and shipped .
    I think if you check into it Spectra Pure private labels FilmTec membranes .
    Pricing on membranes varies a great deal.However if the membrane is a FilmTec and it is fresh you can't do better .

    One other note the 100 gpd membrane has a much lower rejection rate only 90 -92 percent and as such is not ideal for R.O. D.I. applications .

    Walter The H2O Guru