Algae attack and Fish are now dying

Discussion in 'Algae' started by iloveseaturtles, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. nc208082

    nc208082 Zoanthid

    Sep 16, 2010
    Sorry please don't hijack this thread, OP 's questions were regarding their situation not debating the effectiveness of a tester. I differ from your opinion but this is not the thread to do this in.

    Op how is your tank doing currently, are your fish recovering and doing better? Vinnies point is right a small goby wouldn't make too big an impact, especially if you searched and found 0 remains. Your cuc most likely made short work of it.

    How is your CUC? I found after the first year, hermits become the devil. As they grow they lose their taste for pest algae and then learn to rely on food they catch from feedings. As they grow their tiny shells are useless so naturally they start killing your snails for their bigger shells. Its a matter of a month or two and I realize I get lots of algae building up because my cuc is also no more.
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  3. iloveseaturtles

    iloveseaturtles Astrea Snail

    Feb 2, 2012
    Thanks NC.

    It seems to be ok. Water tested well yesterday afternoon but pH is still low (7.8). We are adding more buffer today and I also bought some Instant Ocean Sea Buffer but have not used it yet.

    We did lose another fish but I think it was because it was so weakened by whatever shock hit the tank. It was a nice sifter goby. When the first wave hit Monday morning and I was pulling rocks he swirled up and got stuck (for 3 or 4 seconds) on the filter intake. I pulled him off and sent him toward some rock. He slowly swam down and lasted 2 days but didn't move much. I found him yesterday deceased under a rock.

    So far I have lost a nice yellow tang, a cleaner shrimp and now the sifter goby. Been a bad week.

    But the tank is much clearer now and the other fish seem very healthy. So far so good.

    Also, I just gave them a small brine shrimp feeding for the first time since Monday.
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  4. reefnJeff

    reefnJeff Pajama Cardinal

    Feb 14, 2012
    Saint Cloud, MN
    That looks bad, even when I first cycled my tank and cured my live rock at the same time did it ever get looking that bad. Something out of the normal sure is going on. I notice some coraline algae on the glass, so I guess the tank has been set up awhile? I used ro water from my local grocery store and never had any break outs. someone mentioned clean up crew, what do you have in there? are all your animals counted for?