Aiptasia Anyone? We've Got you Covered - Super Sale + Freebies!

Discussion in 'Reefs2go' started by Reefs2go, Sep 12, 2013.

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    Jan 18, 2010
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    Let the Voice of the Your Fellow Reefer be your Guide! The Peppermint Shrimp Rock at

    Adam N of Iowa - says "Awesome! I bought 10 of these and put them in my tank hoping they would kill my aiptasia. They did it in the matter of two days. These seem to be more social than most peppermints ive seen and one even jumped on my hand and cleaned a piece of skin off of it. My cleaners do this all the time, but I never expected a peppermint to do it. A+!!!"

    JR of Washington, NC wrote - "I bought Live Rock from a local person who had a ton of Aiptasia on them, I bought 6 Peppermint Shrimp from R2G. The Peps are shy and only come out when the lights are off but I have noticed that my Aiptasia problem has gone away. R2G has by far the BEST prices on these guys with there buy 1 get one free. You can not find a better deal they have offered anywhere!"

    Danielle of Birmingham, Al stated "Great prices, hardy livestock! Reefs2Go really has the best prices and the best livestock. I inherited an aiptasia issue on a client's tank from their previous maintenance company. I ordered several of these guys and they have done a great job. They have been in the tank for a month and are doing very well! I will keep coming back! I have received a DOA or two, but Reefs2Go always issues a speedy credit and their customer service can't be beat!"