Acro IDs (4/23 Photos last post!)

Discussion in 'SPS Corals' started by Kevin_E, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. Frick

    Frick Bristle Worm

    May 6, 2012
    Hmm i still think there has to be more growth to determine the second one. It could be a tip off a deepwater species or a section off a tabling species. There is just one of the puzzle pieces there.

    The last one i am changing my guess to Acropora insignis for now. But again we have no idea of how it is going to grow out into a colony, so there are a lot of options right now.
    Corals of the World Factsheet and images - Acropora insignis
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  3. Kevin_E

    Kevin_E Giant Squid

    Apr 30, 2009
    Well this one finally started branching after 7 months of encrusting. You can see the white growth tip on the one branch. I basted it to get a good picture of the white tip. The coral itself is very, very "furry", similar to a millepora. It has it's normal polyps and it's longer white/translucent polyps out all day.