8 year old pepper sprayed?

Discussion in 'The Bucket' started by clarky2120, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. banthonyb71

    banthonyb71 Millepora

    Feb 16, 2010
    your joking?...So now where trying to argue that a 5 year old child with a stick could be an armed and dangerous threat to the cops?

    Comparing the 911 hijackings to this is like comparing a cat to an elephant. Not even close.

    1st, there where no trained police officers in uniform on the plane, and these where grown men with boxcutters, not grade school taliban members.

    2nd. The people on the first two planes had no idea what was going to happen, had they known the plot of the hijackers, im sure circumstances would have been diffrent.

    Ok again impossible comparisons. a 17 and an 8 year old is a world of diffrence. One is 4/5 years pre-testosterone hormone surge, prepuberty. The other is 4/5 years removed from puberty (considered a man in some countries). Not close to the same.
    So know your trying to compell us to believe this 8 year old was a threat to these officers lives?!!

    Saying an 8 year old child with a stick, is an armed and dangerous or a "deadly Force" Is utter COMPLETE nonsense, not the otherway around.

    Ok again, if your going to site these craazy comparisons, why not be specific of the example?
    Was it an 8 year old who got his hands on a gun?..., or was it an 8 year old armed with a stick? ....Two totally diffrent things.
    Both dead? ..what did he beat himself to death with the stick after blugining his father to death first?

    As Peredhill stated, are we now implying that now we have to use this kind of force against every enraged 8 year old child? or 5 year old now.

    He never said it was OK to get stabbed. He did say it was there sworn duty to"Protect and Serve" and yes he is 100% correct. These officers are required to risk there lives, day in and day out. Everytime they pull someone over they are risking there lives, as eventually every cop encounters unknowingly the "on the run" criminal with nothing or little to lose.
    "Yes they do get paid to risk there lives, Everyday! Why on earth would you even atempt to try to argue that...retorical.
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  3. dumbderk

    dumbderk Purple Spiny Lobster

    Feb 28, 2010
    We can assume from the article and videos that yes this kid was wielding a pointy stick which is a little threat to an adult but to a teacher or person that is being threatened by this kid it might seem frightening and a high tense situation for anyone not able to handle it, but the people who came to handle the situation were in-fact able to handle the situation without involving pepper spray so according to what the mom said about the kid having dealt with the police previous times and being able to be talked down well the police should have been able to do so again instead I think that they got tired of coming to the same situation for the same kid and decided to treat him like a common criminal, yes a common criminal because if he is going to act like one he should get a taste of what it is like to be a common criminal. Things like demonstrations of what a cops job is does not work, nor does the way criminals are treated in prison. Kids are only interested in seeing the hand cuffs and taser guns and hearing the wicked stories they have. The parent should be held accountable as well because behavioral problems usually stem from the parents and upbringing, and the way he smiled and blamed it all on his problem just shows that he holds no remorse for his actions and is being taught that it is not his fault when it actually is, but I wont get into this because it could start a whole other debate on whether the people with disorders should be punished because they are in fact the victems themselves.
  4. amcarrig

    amcarrig Super Moderator Staff Member

    Aug 4, 2004
    I believe that this subject/thread has run its course. Everybody's opinion has been voiced and everybody will just have to agree to disagree. Thread closed.
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