50 gallon Bow Front with 25 gallon sump project

Discussion in 'Show Off Your Fish Tanks!' started by socal86, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. socal86

    socal86 Fire Worm

    Dec 6, 2010
    well i have a new project a 50 gallon bow front tank with 25 gallon sump. it will be a few months before i get it up and running. i will post pics soon right now i have it stored i have some painting to do on the stand to fix chips in the wood (not bad chips easy to repair) next i have to up grade lights the guy i bought the tank from sold the lights to a buddy of his. i will need more live rock since my 40 gallon is already alittle short of the amount i need. i will upgrade my octopuss HOB skimmer with a Aqua remora skimmer for the sump. i will be buying a return pump for the sump since that was sold before i got it. so i will start posting pics as soon as i start going.

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