28g Nano cube planted *UPDATE*

Discussion in 'The Planted Tank' started by Blue Falcon, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. Blue Falcon

    Blue Falcon Fire Goby

    Jun 18, 2009
    There are some clumps of moss tied to the tips of the branches but they havnt spread enough to give it the "tree" look im waiting for. The only cleaning fish I have in there is a clown pleco, and the only thing he cleans is the underside of the driftwood. lol

    This tank will be torn down in about a month, right now im doing an emersed carpet growth of dwarf baby tears (HC) in my new 33.6G rimless Mr. Aqua aquarium. This new piece of driftwood will be going in the new tank, hopefully the moss will spread more by the time I flood the new tank. I also have an ehiem canister filter on the cube that im cycling for the new tank.

    The new tank will be a high tech planted tank with fully automated CO2 injection, Aquatic life 4x24W T5 (6,000k and 650nm roseate grow bulbs), Inline CO2 reactor and heater with glass intake and outflow lily pipes so there will be no equipment in the tank other than the glass lily pipes and a CO2 drop checker. Im going for a mix between Takashi Amanos' Nature Aquarium and Iwagumi aquascape layout. Im pretty psyched about it. As for the cube, not really sure what to do with it ATM. Not really much place for it in the house. It will most likely go to the basement with all my other previous tanks.

    I may transfer the Gourami to the new tank, but as far as I know im going with a completely new and simple stocking list of my cherry shrimp, Cardinal tetras and a few oto catfish.