180 gallon stand DIY

Discussion in 'I made this!' started by CKlein, Feb 10, 2014.

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  1. CKlein

    CKlein Plankton

    Feb 4, 2014
    so i am designing a stand i am going to create for my new 180 gallon undrilled tank

    I'm going to make this a peninsula tank and separate my basement into fish room and office (back wall of my office will be this tank ;)

    I will use 4"x4" posts on the corner that will be notched, connected by 2"x4" beams. the stand will be 25" deep by 73" wide by 36" tall. it will also have a cabinet built on to the side to hide the plumbing in the tank and the return lines. this cabinet will also go up to the top of the tank so the canopy can rest on the cabinet.

    i will have a large open spot on the other end for the refugium that's going to be displayed. i'm gonna use a 45G (36"x12"x23") tank in the stand for the fuge. which brings me to my first question.

    i have started to design it on SketchUp, and have taken a screenshot to ask my first question

    the two colored beams in the picture are currently in the way of my fuge. i have seen multiple other DIY stands with a single beam in the middle on each side. how stable are these stands? if i replaced the two beams on each side, with one notched 4"x4" in the middle, would it be stable enough for the more than 2000lbs on it? if so, this would give me an unobstructed view of my fuge.

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