120g startup!

Discussion in 'Show Off Your Fish Tanks!' started by SDmike, Jan 9, 2017.

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  1. SDmike

    SDmike Plankton

    Aug 31, 2013
    Palm Springs, CA
    Hey 3reef!

    Here is 120g reef with 30g sump setup. The tank was setup 2 weeks ago and is currently cycling.

    Tank, Rock and Sand:
    -120g DT. I installed a black piece of 1/4" acrylic on the back of the inside of the tank for aesthetics.
    -100lbs fiji pink live sand
    -Approx 110lbs of dry rock
    -Approx 10lbs of live rock from my other established reef tank.


    My Parameters so far: Test Kit: API
    Ammonia-.25ppm (from 2ppm)
    Nitrite- 2-3ppm
    Nitrate- 20ppm

    For Mag, I use a red sea test kit. I used to use red sea for all testing. I ended up testing less because I couldn't stand how annoying the red sea test kits were. Even if in reality, the API test kits are less accurate, I test more. If I find a problem, i ALWAYS double check with either the LFS or another kit.

    Note: I did use 3 32oz bottles of Fritzzyme 9. I added the bottle on day one, let the tank settle for a couple days, and then started dosing pure ammonia to the system. I was able to maintain 2ppm (only needed to dose a couple times) for the week. I stopped dosing when i started seeing nitrites. I also added a pinch of flake food to add some phosphates (per the support staff Fritzzyme).

    Water Flow:
    -Two PP20 wave makers that are linked together
    -One is set to 30%, the other is at 20%. Both placed on opposite sides of the tank.
    -eFlux 1900GPH DC pump. It is currently set to operate at roughyl 60% of its capacity.


    -Overflow box in the DT is running into a filter sock. I was concerned about the noise at first. So after about 10 attempts I made a drain/vent that similiar to a Durso drain. However, mine is virtually silent.
    -Simplicity 240DC skimmer (not currently being ran during the cycle)
    -Bio Pellet reactor
    -Carbon Reactor
    -BRS reactor (not currently being used)

    -3 kessil A360W tuna blue lights controlled with a kessil controller.
    -Lights are currently not being ran during the cycle process.


    -400W aquatop heater with digital display

    ATO and Water:
    -Tunze ATO 3155
    -10G Rubbermaid recycling bin used as reservoir
    -I use the RO Buddy filter with a DI addition. Its slow, but the water is consistently showing 0 on my TDS meter. Ive been using it for a couple years, and just as long as i maintain the filter, it seems to be fine.

    -I am running a 10g hospital tank under the DT (been up and running for over a month). Obviously not connected to anything on the DT, I plan on using it for every fish purchase.
    -UPS Battery backup for the Main Pump and hospital tank pump only
    -Nest camera for the main tank,
    -Nest camera for the filter chamber
    -Nest camera for the hospital tank
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  3. DSC reef

    DSC reef Giant Squid

    Dec 16, 2012
    Cocoa, Florida
    Welcome, very nice set up.
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  4. scajeo

    scajeo Sea Dragon

    May 1, 2012
    Port Orchard, WA.
    Great idea getting an hospital tank set up. My DT center brace gave way and I had to do an emergency drain. Panic set in because I didn't have a hospital tank or anything else to use to house my wards until my DT gets repaired. I look forward to watching your DT grow.

    Welcome to 3Reef!
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  5. SDmike

    SDmike Plankton

    Aug 31, 2013
    Palm Springs, CA
    Center brace broke?! That sounds terrible! Hopefully that sorts itself out pretty quickly

    Its been really helpful so far. I have a couple of clowns in there now going through a parasite treatment. The rest of the fish went back to the LFS.
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  6. 2015GaTor

    2015GaTor Plankton

    Jun 1, 2016
    How do you like your simplicity skimmer? I thought about getting one but I went reef octopus instead. Build sounds sweet, what fish do you plan to home?