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by MarineDepot at 12:52 PM
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Aquarium Medications: How to Treat Sick Fish

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, illness can set in no matter how many precautionary measures we have taken.


by Reef Breeders at 7:06 PM
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Check out the latest addition to our jebao line-up, the battery back-up! In the event of a power outage, they can keep your water flowing until power is restored. Each battery will power an RW-4 for up to 48 hours, and RW-8 for 24 hours, a 15 for 18 hours, or a 20 for 12 hours. They can be daisy-chained to provide more run time or run more pumps, and they turn on automatically when the power is out. You can order yours here for only $109.99:


by MarineDepot at 11:00 AM
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VIDEO: AI Prime, Tank Mount and myAI mobile app

Get a closer look at the Aqua Illumination Prime, its cool tank mount and the myAI mobile app in our latest video!

by WFOgixxer at 10:28 PM
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Been awhile thought I would post a few pics of my reef.

by MarineDepot at 8:06 AM
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Here are some more additions to our store... you can check out all our new arrivals by clicking here


Pistol Shrimp T-Shirt
FREE w/ orders over $250


Tom Aquatics Aqua Lifter Holder
Securely clamps the Aqua-Lifter to your tank or...
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