Red Sea E-170 Equipment Upgrade?

Discussion in 'Fish Tank Brands and Kits' started by Sami, Nov 23, 2016.

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  1. Sami

    Sami Plankton

    Mar 5, 2016
    Surrey, UK
    Well, it has been a while since I have been here. My MSc dissertation took over my life for the last 5 or so months...

    I am just considering options again with the intention of purchasing this week really. I was considering going for an Aqua Nano 100l with Kessil A160's and a Vortech MP10 etc but have just seen the E-170 on Charterhouse ( It seems to have several bits of equipment with it and I was just wondering if you would recommend if any of the equipment would need to be changed or if I needed additional equipment for it as it is fairly expensive as it is. Would I need an additional pump/wavemaker? Or anything else? Is the skimmer up to muster or would I need to purchase a replacement? Any advice is massively appreciated!

    These are the specs:

    System Water Volume combined Aquarium and Sump - 170L
    Aquarium Volume - 140L
    Rear Sump Volume - 30L
    Glass Thickness - 12mm
    Built in surface skimmer on full width of aquarium
    Lighting System - 1 x Hydra 26 HD Unit (90w)
    Lighting control - WiFi based system compatible with all iOS, Android, and WiFi enabled Mac or PC.
    Total circulation lph (gph) - 1 x 2150
    Protein skimmer - MSK 900: 900 lph (240 gph) water flow – 250 lph (66 gph) air flow
    Chiller installation kit - Fittings for easy chiller installation
    Integrated power center - 7 outlets
    Mechanical filtration - Low density sponge filter media
    Media Rack
    Chemical filtration - High grade phosphate-free activated carbon (200g)