Coral and Livestock, Come and Get 'Em!

Discussion in 'RARS' started by CupidofCrime, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. CupidofCrime

    CupidofCrime Fire Worm

    Nov 18, 2009
    Reno, Nv
    So i am moving to Vegas in January. I do not want to take my livestock with me through the cold and stress, that i am sure is going to ensue. Don't get me wrong i LOVE my livestock, but i want to do some heavy mods to my almost stock Biocube after the move. I have a few different pictures included so you can get an idea of what i have. I will be selling EVERYTHING, (not tank) including live rock. Some is nice, others more desirable for your sump. Lots of sponges growing in my tank and I have a large pod population. Lots of trigger pods, and some reef pods.
    Branching Hammer (I got this piece as a freebie as it was small and retracted into his skeleton. He now is about the size of a baseball when fully open and has sprouted 4 new branches and is ALSO splitting. He will color up nicely, as he is only under PC's)

    Pulsing Xenia

    Rhodactis Shrooms Brown with Green centers small Pulsing Xenia

    Rock with Blue Clove Polyps Has 2 heads of Acans Yellow Sponge and Purple Shroom on it

    Rock with orange and pink Zoas approx. 12 polyps. Has 3 Green Striped Mushrooms

    Live Stock:
    Black True Perc. Clown - Have had him for about a year. Great guy who loves food, hosts in Pulsing Xenia and Hammer. He did host to a Nem that i had before.

    Tiger Pistol Shrimp - i have had him for a little over 9 months. About 2 inches long. Has gotten along well with all livestock in my tank. He does have quite the loud POP :)

    Green Banded Goby - This guy is TINY, maybe an inch and 1/4 long. Good Personality, hangs out with the Pistol after the Yasha Goby died.

    Blue Leg Hermits and Narcissus Snails

    I probably have about 15lbs of LR.
    Just PM me and let me know if you are interested. More than anything i just want to see these guys go to good homes and stay out of the LFS!

    Posting in RARS first. Will not ship and want to give you guys first dibs. Will put on Craigslist after you guys have had a chance :p