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by Matt Rogers at 11:26 PM
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Zoo Med MAGCLIP Magnetic Suction Cups
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Suction cups in aquariums are like the lame candy you got from your uncle Ted. Know what I mean? :) Well maybe not. But trust me, they get old fast. So here comes Zoo Med with a solution - the MAGCLIP.
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Seems like everything for the aquarium is going magnetic lately.
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More info:
Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc. - Aquatic Products
by Jason McKenzie at 6:46 PM
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The Easy Blade is an accessory for the great floating algae magnet. Simply fasten it by means of a couple of drops of second adhesive (not included) on the internal member of the algae magnet and it is ready to start!

We are delighted to present to you yet another innovative product for your favorite pastime which will make the cleaning of your aquarium easier still.

The new Easy Blade gives you the combined cleaning power of a floating algae magnet and a blade cleaner.

Easy Blade has got a working position and an idle position, leaving it up to you to judge how much cleaning your aquarium walls need. Decide for yourself whether to clean your aquarium as usual, using the algae magnet if the algae that has accumulated comes off easily or to put Easy Blade into action for the tougher cleaning jobs.

Manual cleaning of the aquarium walls by reaching into the aquarium and using a conventional blade cleaner will be a thing of the past for you. No more stepping on a chair in...
by Jason McKenzie at 9:54 AM
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Very cool addition to the Sequence line of Pumps. Now you can get a needle wheel version of the Dart and Barracuda. Now to find a Skimmer to handle the POWER.

Introducing the ReefFlo Orca Needle Wheel Pump. This is basically a ReefFlo Dart that has a modified needle wheel impeller and heavy duty venturi.

Picture is shown with the impeller housing removed, so you can see the MASSIVE needle impeller. We will have technical specs soon.
Check out the video

More info and purchase information can be found with several of our Sponsors
by Jason McKenzie at 9:36 AM
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Sunlight supply has finally released their 400w E-ballast to complete there line up of E-Ballasts

and they come in this funky green colour

• Features the exclusive Smart Volt™ feature. Operates on both 120 & 240 volt power. Simply unplug one cord and plug in the other. 6 foot 120 volt power cord included. Purchase 240 volt cord separately (Code No. 903082).
• Will run all mogul based and double ended metal halide lamps.
• Drives lamp to peak performance.
• Saves energy! Uses 5-12% less energy than magnetic H.I.D. (depending on lamp specification).
• Extremely efficient — 99.9% power factor.
• Soft starting — increases lamp life & reduces lumen depreciation.
• Anodized, extruded aluminum housing.
• Lightweight 250 is 8.5 lbs & 400 is only 11 lbs.
• Silent operation.
• Constant wattage output — no lamp flickering.
• Short circuit protection.
• Rubber feet reduce noise and vibration.
• These come wired with our standard female lamp cord receptacle that accept our proprietary, patented...
by Matt Rogers at 10:53 AM
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Check out these new Hanna Phosphate Photometers! A simple way to measure phosphate levels in your aquarium? Sign me up! They also have one for nitrates. Anyone use these before or know anything about them? Let us know!
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Hanna Phosphate Photometers
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<a href="http://www.drsfostersmith.com/Product/Prod_Display.cfm?pcatid=15437&N=2004+113074" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">More Info</a>
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