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by Matt Rogers at 9:29 PM
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Nintendo's Fish Tycoon
More info:
House of Nintendo: Fish Tycoon announced
by Matt Rogers at 9:24 PM
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K-2 Viper HQI Metal Halide Clamp-On Lamp
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"Going Topless Has Never Been So Rewarding!" - Hey speak for yourself, there was that time I was in South Beach... oh never mind. How about this light nano-heads? 14k double-ended halide, remote ballast and the clamp promotes an open-top situation. Available in the hip 70w or 150w setups.

More info:
K-2 Viper™
by Matt Rogers at 9:12 AM
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Are plankton reactors going mainstream? :wink3:
This Aqua Medic Plankton Reactor looks pretty nice.
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by Matt Rogers at 9:08 AM
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I've been seeing a lot of ads from this company - Brightwell Aquatics - lately. Has anyone heard anything about their products or have any experience using them?
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