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Discussion in 'Reefs2go' started by Reefs2go, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Jan 18, 2010
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    ......but what does your tank look like?

    In just 6 days the first of several big days will be here - the start of the hectic holiday season. Thanksgiving Day, a day filled with yummy food, football and perhaps guests, many of which will stare at your tank.

    Is it ready for those eyes?

    We take calls every work day - and answer many questions - the most of which have to do with tank care and well being. Many still struggle with nuisance algae and want a solution which will work - not just cover up!!

    Let me give you a few pointers - based upon the years in the field - caring for my own 15,000 gallons and numerous client tanks.

    • RO Units will reduce your headaches significantly - IF and ONLY IF you maintain regular filter maintenance.

    • Even with the use of an RO unit, Chloramine (water processing facilities addition to all public water) will NOT be filtered, resulting in trace amounts of ammonia.

    • Water must be treated with an Ammonia Blocker- ie: Amquel, Zip Drops, Prime are a few for sale within the hobby.

    • Proper eco-balance must be established between fish and animals which will consume waste and left overs.

    • Adding an extreme population of algae eating snails to combat algae will only produce the desired results for a limited period of time - then food supply (algae) will wain, snails will die - their meaty bodies will spike the amomonia, nitrite, nitrate cycle resulting in an algae bloom- Unfortunately the army of algae eating snails will have died and the problem will actually be worse then before.

    • Besides using a balance of hermit crabs, shrimp and stars - NON algae eating snails are a MUST. The best clean up snails we know of are nassarius vibex. This is a Caribbean snail, which resides happily within the warm waters of the Caribbean - not to be confused with Nassarius Obsoleta which is a cold water snail- which will ONLY survive in the typical aquarium for 1-2 months. The most important thing these small but mighty snails do - is to hut down and consume all things dead, rotting and disgusting!

    We welcome your questions and comments.

    Feel free to call, email or post.

    Have a Fantastic Thanksgiving,

    The Staff
    727 623 0914