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Discussion in 'The Bucket' started by djnzlab1, May 31, 2007.

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  1. djnzlab1

    djnzlab1 Aiptasia Anemone

    Dec 15, 2006
    Va Beach, Va
    I have found a salt product being made in France and it touts some very positive health benafits for us humans.
    On more than one Vitamin Web page they talk about trace elements and the need to have good health.
    I orderded some Celtic Salt and was amazed how good it tasted in the food, I also found some made in Spain too, much cheaper.
    Why is this so important to you. Because over time most farming in the US is done by using Nitrogen Ammonia fertilzer and very little organic farming being done. so the soil has been leached of trace elements most are not found in the over the counter vitamins either
    Many of the healthy benafits of sea salt are going un-noticed in this country this may be why there is an increase in cancer and many other health problems and nerological problem. Ever look at the list of ingredients in sea salt many may improve your health too. Many hormones utilize certian trace minerals in their production and normal neuro function may not occur in the abscence of certian trace elements.
    I read the research on Glacier Ice and how the water has more trace elements and some people who live in countries that utilize this ancient source of water seem to live longer and have less healthy problems.
    So maybe find a good source of sea salt (not sythetic, hehe) be sure its not been recovered with bulldozers...Most celtic salts are made with ceramic plates and wood rakes.
    for your diet and toss that bleached out salt being spiked with iodide, can you believe that many salt companies sell the trace elements they leach out of the salt when they process it for consumption sea salt is actually a little gray and clumpy...
    This may improve you general health, would you put table salt in your tank, why are you eating it...:confused:

    heres one source.

    About Celtic Sea Salt® Brand - The Grain & Salt Society
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  3. amcarrig

    amcarrig Super Moderator Staff Member

    Aug 4, 2004
    I try to use this type of sea salt as often as possible but until I can find a method to grind the salt into a dry powder, I don't like to use it for everything because it's so course and, quite frankly, damp. I visited Guerande, France about 7 years ago and saw the salt flats where the salt is harvested (not made) :) I brought home a bunch of the grey unrefined salt and also a little bit of the whiter salt that is bleached by the sun. Because you don't need to use much of this salt, I still have about 4cups left of the stuff.