Won the Battle of Ich!

Discussion in 'ASAP' started by ryanwolf, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. ryanwolf

    ryanwolf Skunk Shrimp

    Jun 8, 2008
    South Texas
    Hey 3reefers...

    This is for newbs looking for a way to win the battle over ich without having to quarantine. I have a 72 gallon mixed reef tank. There was no way for me to successfully net my blue hippo, which had ich. Instead I purchased "Ich Attack". I gradually raised my tank temperature to 84 degrees... regulated by my chiller. I removed my protein skimmer and carbon based products as instructed. Over the next 2 weeks, 3 days... I dosed twice a day, morning and night, with "Ich Attack". I watched over that time period the gradual lose of white spots not only on the blue hippo but my clowns and flame angel where the problem had spread. After the dosing my livestock has never looked better. None of my inverts suffered ... or my flower pot coral. In fact, my tank has never looked better. This probably because during the dosing time period I increased my water flow with a mag 9 pump upgraded from a rio 2100.

    I wanted to share this with whomever was looking for a silver lining because ich can be frustrating... especially for those who simply cannot quarantine for whatever reason. I purchased "Ich Attack"... a 1 gallon size... from marinedepot.com at 39.99. It's been 1 week since dosing and all livestock look great. No more white spots... no more cloudy eyes... no more scratching on rocks.

    Stay positive, raise your tank temperature... and use "Ich Attack".

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  3. Bogie

    Bogie Snowflake Eel

    Feb 7, 2008
    Good to hear that. I didn't have any luck using Stop Ich Chemarin, just smelled up the water like pepper, the ich was gone and would come back.
    But I've learned that I won't use any chemicals to treat ich, just pick healthy livestock from the get-go, none that have symptoms of disease or don't eat. Provide a minimum stress environment places to hide in lots of LR with compatible, not overly agressive, tankmates and reduce ich outbreaks dramatically.
    Good to hear you're winning the battle for now.
  4. jdrbach

    jdrbach Astrea Snail

    Sep 7, 2008
    Hey Ryan,
    I just sucessfully battled ich myself and won using the same product. Unfortunately, I only discovered the product after losing all but 1 of my fish. The lone survivor is my clown fish. I ended up losing a Flame Angel, Kole Tang, Lawnmower Blennie, Six-spot Goby and a Blue damsel before I found Ich Attack. I also was unable to catch and quarentine because I have a reef tank also, too many places to hide. The other thing that seemed to help the Clownfish fight back was that I soaked his food in trace minerals everyday until the ich and seconary fungus infection went away. All I know is, I wish I would have had Ich attack before I lost all the others!
  5. Tangster

    Tangster 3reef Sponsor

    Aug 16, 2006
    It was the temperature increase that did the job its all I have ever found to work and I have not had a Q/T since the last 70's And you may will see another outbreak again . Come late fall. I have had tanks to run several yrs to only have a little stress to allow it to break out again.. Buy with every out break the fish build a little ore immunity to the parasite. More money is wasted on Ich Cures and snake oils then anything I can think of. Ich never kills a fish anyways its always the infection and the stress of the immune system that opens them up to the infections . Like fleas on a dog . Its not the fleas that kills them if he fleas are left untreated .