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Discussion in 'ASAP' started by yellowviper, Aug 18, 2004.

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  1. beamer

    beamer Sea Dragon

    Jun 5, 2004
    Tyler, Texas
    Thanks Craig, I am and I'm water changed out. I don't want my stuff to die.

    YES, hoodoo, I do water changes WEEKLY!!!!, of around 45 gl. and I've started doing a mini one during the week. And I test usually twice a week.

    I NEVER planned on ADDING any new fish. The previous owner already had too many for a 120 gl (23 fish)

    My sand is on order and I just need help getting it done. I can't do it by myself and the guy that was going to help me has been tied up with work , family problems, and looking for a new home. Once my sand comes in I'll ask him again and if not I'll just have to let the guy from Pet Land do it. We have to break it all down and move it and I'll QT the fish for ich while I'm doing it and he's going to set up my osmolator, redo my plumbing and move my rodi where it can reach my top off reservoir. I was hoping that the new Tunze multicontroller would come out before the move so he could install it. but I guess that will be a while longer. The guy from Dallas originally set it all up and is very good with tanks as well as being an excellent handy man so if at all possible I want him to be the one so that it is set up right.