What makes you feel loved?

Discussion in 'Reefs2go' started by Reefs2go, Aug 12, 2013.

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    Jan 18, 2010
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    So a few days ago, I posed that VERY question to my fish.

    Answers were flying back at me faster than a pistol shrimp pops his target.

    My Midas Blenny said - I feel loved when I have fresh crunchy live snacks to munch at my leisure in the tank.

    My Clowns piped in also - yes me too, they nodded in their cute little clownfish way.

    My Tangs all exclaimed that fresh veggies were such a nice treat, ogo, gracilaria, even romaine will work in a pinch.

    My Triggers and Lion fish love the live marine feeder shrimp -
    they just enjoy catching their dinner alive.

    My Mandarins and SeaHorses of course want to be in a tank by themselves so they can calmly sneak up behind a pod or two and snag some grub.

    But they all agreed - they get bored with the same old common fare - change it up - keep us looking under the rocks and around every bend for the next yummy snack.

    So - here's to you my fishy friends - tell your owners

    "I talk best with my mouth full of PODS!!"


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