Tubastrea and Pachyseris Questions?

Discussion in 'NPS Corals' started by coral reefer, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. coral reefer

    coral reefer Giant Squid

    Jan 9, 2006
    Hey all,
    I recently purchased a Pachyseris Rugosa and a Tubastrea Faulkneri frag. If someone has either one of these, could you please give me some of your opinions on them? Also, when feeding my Tubastrea, how do I know the polyps are getting the food when I target feed them? It seems as if the brine shrimp just bounces off the polyps.
    In regards to my Pachyseris, I have read two conflicting stories about the husbandry and hardiness of this particular coral. Julian Sprung states that it is a pretty easy coral that doesn't require excessive light and moderate water movement. Eric Borneman says that it is an intermediate to expert aquarist coral. Requiring strong light and moderate light. But in addition to that it needs excellent water parameters, or it will succumb to various stony infections and diseases with its overall fate being mortality. Anyone with an insight please let me know...thanks in advance. I have done research on these corals as well as anything I have purchased in the past-but sometimes it isn't enough!!!!!:confused: :-/
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  3. My2heartboys

    My2heartboys Fire Worm

    Aug 9, 2005

    I have some tube corals that hitch hiked with a hitch hiker clam. They do like meaty foods and not a lot of light or current. When I target feed my mysis and brine shrimp I make sure all of my filters and pumps are off and then I let the water settle down a bit. I then take the food up into my turkey baster and put it down close to the corals and then just make sure that the corals are covered with the shrimp mixture. I usually wait about a half hour and then start to turn everything back on. The excess food will blow off and get eaten by the rest of the tank (or your skimmer and filters). I had been trying to wean my tubes off of target feeding so that they would catch the various pods crawling around in my tank--no luck. They started to bleach out at the bottom--so I still target feed them once a week. I think they do eat some of the phyto that gets put in every once in a while--but it is not the main stay of their diet.

    Hope this helps.