Thumbs up for BRS GFO and ROX 0.8 Carbon. Mini Review

Discussion in 'Water Chemistry' started by Av8Bluewater, Nov 21, 2013.

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  1. Av8Bluewater

    Av8Bluewater Giant Squid

    Aug 27, 2008
    Just got the Bulk reef supply dual reactor.
    In 24 hours my PO4 is down to .03 from .06 ( Hanna Low range meter) .
    My water is super clear from the carbon.
    Not sure how much of it is the reactor that is better than my TLFishies reactor or the carbon & GFO is that much better but I love the new reactor and media of the above.

    The Reactor:
    Connections did leak a little while you are getting them into position but once set they are not leaking.
    Could be operator error just had to tighten things a little extra. Time will tell there. I would definitely keep it in a place where the leaking may not matter. The plastic for the standard BRS Standard reactor is too cheap for the hanging mount. Not sure I would trust it to actually hang for very long. I have it sitting down level outside the sump. The plastic canisters seem like a very good quality. Here is where I much prefer this reactor to the other reactors like TLF and aquavia. There is a canister within the canister. Water flows down outside the internal cartridge and back up. Unlike the others I've used that have a straw/tube going down the middle. It just seems like I get a perfect nice slow tumble of the GFO.
    I got the reactor with the Cobalt MJ1200 and it's a perfect match that is silent.

    I opted for the standard GFO and used one cup. I have about 280 operating gallons. So I think that's pretty good reducing PO4 that much in 24 hours. Their more expensive GFO must really be something if the standard works this well.

    If you havn't already watch their video on the ROX 0.8 Carbon I would recommend giving it a looki.
    BRS Bulk Premium ROX 0.8 Aquarium Carbon - Bulk Reef Supply
    24 hours and water really cleared up. I used one cup.