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Discussion in 'Salty Supply' started by saltysupply, Dec 21, 2011.

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    Apr 28, 2011

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    Thrive Aquatics allows anyone to have the thriving reef aquarium they desire. Thrive accomplishes this through simple, honest products and by improving communication between hobbyists, their local stores, and aquarium experts.

    We have developed a unique set of tools including Thrive Journals, Thrive Prescriptions, and Thrive Analytics that improve communication and take the guesswork out of aquarium maintenance. Our Thrive Analytics program compares current tank parameters with the aquarist’s reef-keeping goals to generate exacting recommendations unique to that aquarium. These recommendations are a set of simplified directions called the Thrive Prescription. Information gathered and entered into Thrive Analytics is compiled to improve the accuracy of future Thrive Prescriptions and automatically generates a personal online aquarium log in Thrive Journals. A log in Thrive Journals can be shared between friends, stores, maintenance companies and aquarium experts to ease communication and ensure the best reef tank possible.