Something is wrong with my ropefish...HELP, PLEASE

Discussion in 'Diseases' started by IHateCorn, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. IHateCorn

    IHateCorn Plankton

    Aug 2, 2008
    Well, okay, I think something's wrong with my ropefish. I can't exactly tell you when it started but here's the stats on my tank, first
    I have two ropefish-cannot fit anymore- in a 29 gallon...bad size, I know but I was told they'd do fine in there. They've pretty much grown to the tank size...but I'm working on getting a 55 gallon ASAP-anway, back to the topic. There's not alot of places to hide right now, because the tank just got cleaned (had a water change) and my stepmom or dad will not let me put plants and such back into the tank for some reason...I have a pictus catfish, a irridecent shark, two clown loaches,a pleco, two tiger barbs, (they were forced on me) and a ghost knife...besides the other two ropefish. And two twenty gallon filters...and I know, that's too much for the tank size but some of the fish were forced on me... They all get along(accept for the pictus chasing one of the clowns). The irridecent and pictus usually feed off of the bottom. The clowns eat from the bottom and the top. The pleco-obviously the glass. The tiger barbs-I'm not sure, I've actually never seen them eat, but they're thriving and I assure you all of my fish's fins are intact.
    Now, finally to the problem. My ropefish have been exhibiting some odd behaviour lately. Usually, if I recall correctly, they stayed towards the bottom of the tank. But now they've been staying at the top, sort of floating in a way. Half of their body pretty much hangs down, but their head remains relitively upright. Slightly tilted downwards, and they remain close to eachother. I don't know what's wrong. It's scaring me. These were my very first fish and I'd be heart broken if they were to die. Please, please, PLEASE help. Also, one of the ropefish has a slight blackish color on one of the scales. It's a short straight line, pretty much in a general / position. I'm not sure what it is-but it's been there a while and it it showed no problems what so ever. Each of them got out of the tank once. The first jumped out and maybe was out there for I don't know how long-I wasn't in the room, and the second jumped out of the tank at the petstore, and slithered underneath the rocks and such before being retrieved...I didn't mean to get the same one, but somehow we did because I noticed it had gained an injury/loss to it's nose protusion, and all of them had been fine with their noses before that one jumped out...hem, anyway I know some of this information might seem irrelivant but I want to post anything I can possibly think of to help you guys find a better understanding on what's going on and what might have happened....So, again PLEASE HELP.
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  3. cuttingras

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    Apr 17, 2007
    Louisville, GA