Read the official story of the Marine Aquarium Expo in Anthony Calfo's C-The Journal!

Discussion in 'Marine Aquarium Expo' started by MadMAX, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. MadMAX

    MadMAX 3reef Sponsor

    Aug 23, 2009
    Hi Folks!
    For those of you who are a bit unfamiliar with the "Marine Aquarium Expo" (MAX), What it is, Who we are, or How it got started .....there is now a (4) four-page story written and dedicated to the MAX show in Anthony Calfo's latest C-The Journal, Volume 3 Number 1.

    Thousands of copies of the Journal were made available to attendees at MACNA XXI in Atlantic City, NJ last month. The MAX team also exhibited in a booth at MACNA to attract even more popularity and awareness for the MAX show. We had an absolute blast! We also met and secured a few new speakers for this upcoming Marine Aquarium Expo April 10-11, 2010. So this is definitely not a show you will want to miss!

    In C-The Journal you will find our personal story and description of the MAX show as well as our specific goals, attributes, and future plans plans for expansion to other locations of the US. Our goals are a bit unorthidox in that we specifically target and attract entire families to the Marine Aquarium Expo, as opposed to just the hobbyists. We hope to help attract and intruigue the next generation of hobbyists right along side Mom and Dad! In any case, read in more detail by picking up a copy and see for yourself. Anthony's Journal is extremely well-written with tons of great photographs and images to see; it will become obvious to you that Anthony's photography skills are just as impressive as his writing skills.

    A Sincere THANK YOU to Calfo and Team who helped make all of this possible!
    Kevin Adams
    Marine Aquarium Expo