Professional Mantis Shrimp Publicity

Discussion in 'Inverts' started by TheMantisman, Jun 1, 2017.

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  1. TheMantisman

    TheMantisman Plankton

    Jun 1, 2017
    Hello :)

    Some may already know me (from ReefCentral) most likely don't know me.

    However I am (as the thread title states) a Mantis Shrimp Publicist in the form of High Quality photos and High Quality videos of which I create through a lot of time, effort and expenses, I do not use mobile phones to photograph or film my mantis shrimp but high quality camera equipment that I have purchased to specifically capture mantis shrimp in all the ways I possibly can. It's my intent to keep all my photos / videos uploads to a specific area, a.k.a this particular thread/post itself to make it easy for anyone interested in browsing will have it all neatly in an easy to find location.

    Just curious if the fine people of this small 'Invert' group within this forum would be interested in myself posting my photo and video creations specifically and solely of Mantis Shrimp?

    Below are a couple of samples of my most recent works, I hope to find a friendly and accommodating community here to share my hard works with! :D