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Discussion in 'JARC - Joliet Area Reef Club' started by Tanked001, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. Tanked001

    Tanked001 Astrea Snail

    Mar 31, 2006
    Orland IL
    JolietAreaReefClub Announces Photo of the month!

    Ever dreamed of fame and fortune? Okay maybe thats going to far... but how cool would it be to have the picture you took in a JARC 2009 calendar? So here is the deal, we are two months behind sometimes good ideas come late! lol. So let's make up for it! Every month will be a theme, take pictures as many as you want. Send them to they will be uploaded to and everyone will participate in a blind vote. (meaning I will not post who took the picture)

    This month please submit your photos by March 16th
    Voting will begin on March 17th-March 31st
    January is all about new beginnings weather it is a new fish new coral or fish babies!
    February is the months of love! Take pictures of your fish pairs or harems or a picture of a symbiotic relationship.
    March Think GREEN! Hopefully the luck of the Irish is with you! Green fish, coral, macro, or inverts!

    Janelle and Jenna are handling this if you have any questions pm us! Everyone is encouraged to participate! The email Addy to send the pics to again is

    We wait to get this started!!!!