**** one bugged eye ????

Discussion in 'ASAP' started by sms2981, May 12, 2008.

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  1. sms2981

    sms2981 Plankton

    Apr 27, 2008
    My yellow tail damsel has one bugged eye? I just changed water yesterday, put a couple carbon filters in the hangoffs and all of a sudden POP :eek:
    Any thoughts on what it could be?
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  3. wareagle35031

    wareagle35031 Bubble Tip Anemone

    Jan 22, 2008
    Pop Eye
    Exophthalmus; Corneybacteriosis; correct term can vary, depending upon exact cause


    Pop Eye itself is not a disease, but a condition resulting from one of several possible problems: a bacterial infection (it can contract fungus as a secondary infection afterwards) environmental problems (poor water quality, etc) or trauma to the eye via an accident or injury from an aggressive tankmate. The fish may appear to have a large clear bubble over one or both eyes. The eye(s) will protrude out from the fish's head and may also be cloudy.

    Only one eye bulging typically indicates that the problem has occured due to an injury to the eye somehow: the eye responds by swelling and retaining fluid buildup. Quarantining the fish and giving it clean water will help it to heal on its own with a little bit of time and isolation to reduce stress. Epson salt can help (1 tablespoon per five gallons; repeat with a half dose on day three as per WetWebMedia).

    If both eyes exhibit symptoms, it is probably a bacterial infection. Treat with medication such as Maracyn, Penicillin, or Tetracycline. Neomycin sulphate (use 250 mg/gallon) is an antibiotic which is affective against a wide range of gram+ and gram- bacteria. You can find other broad spectrum antibiotics here. In advanced stages if there is a deep bacterial infection, it can be difficult to treat. Feed medicated food to the fish (it can be hard to get antibacterial medication inside the fish; most simply won't absorb). Medicate with antibiotics in a hospital tank to prevent damaging the biofilter in tanks. Read here for more on bacterial infections.
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  4. phoenixhieghts

    phoenixhieghts Panda Puffer

    Dec 28, 2007
    Manchester UK
    ive always been led to believe that pop eye occuring in a single is eye is a result of TB. I personally would not leave the fish in there incase of infection to other livestock.