NickNiz's 12-gallon NanoCube Build Log

Discussion in 'Show Off Your Fish Tanks!' started by NickNiz, Dec 11, 2016.

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  1. NickNiz

    NickNiz Plankton

    Dec 11, 2016
    Hello everyone! I just joined 3reef to complete this build log, and update it whenever something new happens. I'm not new to the hobby, but I am new to nano setups that are this small. I understand that small tanks require more frequent water changes, as water parameters can change overnight.

    In setting this up, I had a few thoughts as to what I can do to prevent poor water quality. I was thinking about making a DSB to lower nitrates in addition to the water changes. Is this feasible in the 12-gallon NanoCube? How deep should it be? I was thinking about 25-30lb of live stand instead of the typical 1lb/gallon I've heard.

    I want this to be a reef in the main display area, but does anyone know if it is feasible to throw chaeto into the back with a small light, and have a small refugium?

    At some point I might throw in a UV sterilizer, but for now (chaeto aside) I plan on running a protein skimmer, carbon, and Purigen.

    As for livestock, here's what I was thinking. I'd like to know if the bio load will be too high.
    Very small clown (ocellaris I think) that is included with tank
    Very small angelfish (will double check breed, but it's about .5 inches)
    Serpent starfish
    5 nassarius snails
    Hawaiian blood shrimp

    All of this is susceptible to change, but I should be setting up the tank within the next week. Please give me your input!

    EDIT: Upon reading Steve Wrights post, I will post my questions, listed above, into their respective forums.
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