NEW! AquaMaxx WS-1 In-Sump Protein Skimmer

Discussion in 'Marine Depot' started by MarineDepot, Apr 15, 2015.

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    Aug 3, 2010
    The highly-rated HOB-1 skimmer is now available in an in-sump version!


    The AquaMaxx WS-1 Protein Skimmer features an incredibly responsive collection cup and an amazingly powerful submersible pump. It is rated up to 65 gallons in a design thin and light enough to be placed in a nano aquarium, all-in-one style aquarium or other small saltwater system.


    The AquaMaxx WS-1 Protein Skimmer relies on a superbly crafted Italian Sicce Syncra pump and AquaMaxx needlewheel impeller to vigorously remove waste from your fish or reef tank. Sicce pumps are well-regarded for their efficiency to move air and water. Combining these dynamic pumps with AquaMaxx protein skimmers saves users considerable energy.


    • Footprint : L 5.9" x W 3.2"
    • Height: 14" (excluding collection up)
    • Collection Cup Height: 5.5"
    • Pump(included): Shark 1.0
    • Pump power consumption: 11 Watts
    • Filtration Rating: up to 65 Gallons (light bioload) or 30 Gallons (heavy bioload)
    • Requires approximately 5.5" of clearance to remove collection cup.
    All of our products are backed by a 60-day return policy although the skimmers also carry a 1-year manufacturer warranty from AquaMaxx. The WS-1 will include detailed instructions and diagrams to help hobbyists get up and running immediately.