New additions to reef dead in 3 hours ! Help.....

Discussion in 'ASAP' started by aseidman00, Sep 12, 2004.

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  1. aseidman00

    aseidman00 Astrea Snail

    Nov 19, 2003
    Staten Island, NY,New_York
    I just added a snail, crabs (3 blue leg, 2 red and 1 emerald) and a pecula clown to my new 30 gallon reef and within 3 hours I've lost a few of the inverts. Please help me figure out what's gone wrong....

    The live rock is in the tank for 3 weeks and my chemical levels are as follows:

    1) Ammonia --- 0
    2) Nitrite      --- Between 0 and .1
    3) Nitrates   --- 0
    4) PH           --- 8.4
    5) Specific gravity --- 1.024 to 1.025
    5) Alkalinity  --- Used 3.5 saringes of the Salifert test before the liquid turned pink. From what I understand this would not kill the animals and may be related to my calcium levels. Still trying to figure this out.
    6) Calcium    --- 525 mg's/litre using Seatest kit (35 drops * 15)

    Should any of ths be an issue ? The LFS guy told me to just acclimate the animals by floating the bag. not water drip.... I am confused and concerned... HELP ME !
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  3. Jason McKenzie

    Jason McKenzie Super Moderator Staff Member

    Mar 23, 2003
    Vancouver, BC,Canada
    Re: New additions to reef dead in 3 hours ! Help..

    I would stop listening to your LFS. Accimation is the most likely source of your deaths.
    A PH of 8.4 is fine but it's likely the LFS PH is a lot lower. This could be the root of the problem. This is the Normal state of things. Lower PH at the LFS and higher at home.

    This is why we acclimate new tank inhabitants.

    Good luck and please let us know how things work out

  4. Matt Rogers

    Matt Rogers Kingfish Staff Member

    Dec 31, 2000
    Berkeley, CA
    Re: New additions to reef dead in 3 hours ! Help..

    What J said. I swore I just said to acclimate in another thread. It's best to acclimate everything. Less shock.
  5. reefman_MC

    reefman_MC Aiptasia Anemone

    Feb 15, 2004
    , SC,South_Carolina
    Re: New additions to reef dead in 3 hours ! Help..

    bingo on acclimation