Moving sale for our friend, everything must go , this sunday 18th

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by WT SPS, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. WT SPS

    WT SPS 3reef Sponsor

    Aug 25, 2009
    Tom Clark just sold his home and he needs to get rid of everything .

    Moving Sale is going to be at Tom Clark's house .

    260 Gl. System Breakdown
    October 18th Sunday, 10:00AM—4:00PM
    10624 Lindbrook Drive, Westwood, 90024

    Everything is going!
    Not listing corals so check out the video and see what’s in the tank!


    Will accept prepayment on items by PayPal but will not distribute items before October 17th—you have to pick them up then. Only accepting payment on items of $100 or more.
    Anything not priced will be marked at garage sale. Lot of things not listed as well!

    Flame Angelfish $30
    Pygmy Angelfish $15
    Coral Beauty Angelfish $20
    Chevron Tang $120
    Ebili Angelfish $ 25
    Purple Tang $80
    Various gobies $10 each
    Lyretail anthias $20 each
    Flame Hawkfish $18
    Scooter Blenny $ 8
    Fridmani $25
    Sexy shrimp $ 5 each
    Chromis $ 5 each
    Unidentified wrasse ?
    Damsels (buy something & get one free)
    All fish are disease free and have been in tank at least 2 years!
    Various shrimp, snails, brittle stars, & other critters
    Marshall Island rock
    Soft corals
    Some SPS
    Lot of stuff!

    120 gl. 48” half-cylinder acrylic tank $900
    with black acrylic stand, top manufacturer
    AquSpacelight 48”, with 2 x 250 HQI MH & 2 x PC 24W $325
    with adjustable ceiling cables

    Iwaki 55 RLT pump $140
    with extra impeller
    JBJ Artic 1/3 HP Chiller $500
    With extra fuse
    ASM G3 Skimmer $200
    Velocity T4 Titanium pump $75
    OceanMotion Squirt (without internal drum)
    2 x 64W PC canopies and lights $45 each
    Korallin C1502 Calcium Reactor with Eheim Pump price: $275
    ( one year old)
    Complete calcium reactor kit: $260
    5lb. C02 tank
    Solenoid valve
    Bubble counter
    Dual gauge regulator
    SpectraPure RO 90GPD $125
    with automatic shut-off valve & pressure guage
    Red Sea AquaZone 100 $ 110
    with air dryer 250
    40 gl. Polyethylene Water container with float valve $50
    Octopus 3000 controller $225
    with pH., ORP and TEMP. controls
    Generator: Zhipp SH 1000 Watts $320
    3 Titanium heaters
    77 gl. Acrylic Sump $250
    2 x 28 gl. Acrylic tanks (make a bid)
    Reef Fanatic Dual Auto-Topoff Controller and floats $60
    Deltec 509 Fluidized Reactor $100
    4 x Seio 1500 pumps (stripped down) $40 each
    2 x Seio magnet mounts $20 each
    Seio Controller for Seio Pumps $60
    3 x Eheim Automatic Fish Feeders $ 25 each
    Pinpoint pH monitor & probe $65
    2 x Eliminator E107 Power Racks $25 each
    TDS In-line & Handheld Meters
    Refractometer $ 25
    Fish traps
    2 x Tunze 6025 Turbellle Nanostream pumps $ 40 each
    10 gl. Topoff tank
    Topoff solenoid valve
    SpectraPure tubing & pre-filters
    X10 transmitter & receivers
    Over $1,000 of broken down plumbing parts
    Kent AquaDose 1/ 2.5 / 5 gl. Drip containers
    Powerheads, fish nets, feeding rings, tubing, food, test-kits, filters, carbon etc.
    Chaetomorpha will be given away.

    we might bring our frag display tank !!
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  3. bama

    bama Humpback Whale

    Mar 2, 2009
    Houston, TEXAS
    where is this located..

    edit.. nevermind.. Los Angeles..
  4. WT SPS

    WT SPS 3reef Sponsor

    Aug 25, 2009
    yes in Los Angeles in WestWood Area.

    October 18th Sunday, 10:00AM—4:00PM
    10624 Lindbrook Drive, Westwood, 90024