Liter meter status update!

Discussion in 'SpectraPure' started by SpectraPure, May 27, 2010.

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  1. SpectraPure

    SpectraPure 3reef Sponsor

    Sep 10, 2009

    We have begun shipping orders this week of Liter Meter products.
    Bear with us as we work off the sizable back log, your system(s) should be shipping soon! I also wanted to tell you that your order will now include our latest GEN VI pump which is virtually maintenance free and has significant improvements over prior generation pumps. For example, the GEN VI pump has a new corrosion resistant coating that is almost impervious to even the most aggressive corrosion environments, and has a lower friction coefficient for smoother and even quieter operation, along with lower power consumption. The reliability is even higher for the GEN VI and the Five Year Limited Warranty on the pump includes the tubing. This thing is really neat!
    Sorry again for the long wait, as you may know we had some really bad source problems that prevented us from maintaining stock for timely delivery, and we chose to go ahead and upgrade your order to the GEN VI as when you have waited this long you really deserved our best design yet.