Discussion in 'Fish Disease' started by KCT, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. KCT

    KCT Plankton

    Jan 4, 2013
    This is more for me to keep track of treatment on 2 10gal fresh tanks but any comments or suggestions would be great!

    Tank 1
    6 barbs, (2 tiger 4green)
    3 fiddler crabs
    2 chinese algae eaters

    Tank 2
    4 assorted dwarf gourami
    1 chinese algae eater
    1 upside down cat fish
    2 blind fish (1 adult 1 juvenile) in closed section of the gourami tank.

    Last water change was yesterday. About 15% on both tanks.

    Day 1

    Starting temp of tank ~72 F
    Uptime 2 weeks.
    Infection level : severe
    Airstones adjusted to higher rate
    Salt added at 6:30pm
    1 teaspoon per 5 gallons
    Heaters started at 7:00pm set to 73 F

    Tank 1 temp 75 F
    Tank 2 temp75 F
    Both set to 76 F @ 8:40pm

    Tank 1 76 F
    Tank 2 76 F
    Going to continue raising temps tomorrow.

    Day 2
    Had a couple die offs, lost both blind fish and green barb. Salt levels increased in both thanks. Current temps ~86 F.

    Day 3
    Finished adding salt and raised temps to 88 F. Tank 1 has a 100% infection rate. Outlook is not good. Tank 2 seems to be responding very well. Signs of ich are fading on worst infected in tank 2.
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