Hypo Salinity

Discussion in 'Reef Aquarium Articles and How To's' started by Da_Gopherboy, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. alpha_03

    alpha_03 Bubble Tip Anemone

    Dec 2, 2010
    hmmm, good read- BUT, I got a case of ICK not to long ago, first thing I did- raise the temp to 88 degress, added melafix and pimafix, shut down the skimmer, then added API aquarium salt to my sump. Waited a few days, helping but not gone- I had already lost two fish- time to get drastic.

    Searching online I found a product called Kick-Ick, kinda pricey- but not even close to the cost of my beloved fish and my other critters. So I called Premium Aquatic's as they carry this product, and I bought some.

    After returning my tank to it's normal state, I treated the tank with Kick-Ick- corals and all still in the tank, in two days I didnt see any more ICK on my fish, NONE. So I continued following the direction as per the label- today we are ICK free and my critters are very happy- it has been over a month- no re-occurance- of any ICK or other problems.

    Kick Ick works really well- at least it did for my 165 gallon reef.