ETSS Super Reef Devil

Discussion in 'Product Review Archives' started by njreefer, Aug 23, 2002.

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  1. njreefer

    njreefer Plankton

    Aug 23, 2002
    When they call it a "super foamer" they weren't kidding. It's my first skimmer so I did a lot of research before purchasing. Everywhere I looked people were posting suggestions for how to modify skimmers to work better. So I had my doubts about them at all. But I read some good reviews on this product so I went with it. And I'm happy to say it produces an amazing amount of foam! As a matter of fact the only tweeking I keep doing is trying to REDUCE the amount of foam this thing creates! I even had to rig up an overflow container because so much gunk was being pulled out. (Plus I'm lazy so I only want to empty weekly). I highly recommend this product.
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  3. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I also have a Super Reef Devil. It's about two weeks old. For the first day or two, there wasn't much action but after it broke, tons of foam! I basically keep the output valve almost totally open and get a nice dry foam.

    So far, I'm very pleased.


    P.S. (to njreefer) Where in Jersey do you live?
  4. xabo

    xabo Astrea Snail

    Dec 13, 2002
    What size tank do you guys have? Would you suggest this skimmer for a 125?
  5. Matt Rogers

    Matt Rogers Kingfish

    Dec 31, 2000
    Berkeley, CA
    NJreefer hasn't been around in ages, if you don't hear from him shoot a PM to Gresham and he will get a email notification. I believe he has worked with those.

    I can tell you the most popular skimmer these days, that gets nothing but positive reviews, Euro-Reef. Hands down. They just came out with a new econo model too.

    A good hang on the back skimmer would be the Remora Pro. I have one, but I don't have it hooked up yet.

  6. Gresham

    Gresham Great Blue Whale

    Nov 7, 2002
    SF/Monterey Bay Area, CA
    I had a Super Reef Devil 3(rated to 125g, should be rated @ 60g max IMO), not made any longer (one person @ ETSS told me it wasn't handling the rated load, another said there was no problems and that they wanted a slimmer product line (funny, they added more after that!)).   The 1st year I loved the thing, after that, skimming went down, I replaced pump with larger one and gave it new bio-balls.  Still didn't perform right.  Its now in a box, waiting to be delivered to the guy who bought my 54 corner tank/stand/etc..

    IMO you should never use a skimmer on a 125 that is rated to 125.  From all my experience, I;ve found it's best to 1/2 the max (use one rated at 250 if you've got a 125).  

    Euro-Reef's are great, really great, BUT, if the pin-wheel brakes, they'll only sell you 1 replacement, after that, the skimmer will be basicly useless (I know some claim you can use other pumps, but that takes away what makes EURO-REEF, EURO-REEF.

    The best design I've come across, is Aqua-C(  I really like the FULL design, not parts of it, like ALL other companys. ZERO complaints about them.  Currently, I runniing a Aqua-C 180 (on a 80g set-up) and a Aqua-C 240 (on a 180g Set-up).  I'm planning on getting our facility upgraded to Aqua-C commercial size skimmers.  I can use any company I'd like, I picked them because of the entire design.  Yah, I would've gone with R2K, but 10k-20k plus pump/ozone generator is a little step currently, and ultimatly not needed.

    Hope that clears up my opinions of skimmers.

    Pretty much any beckett design currently being sold is good, except they require larger pumps to operate :'(.