EShopps ADV-200 Sump

Discussion in 'Eshopps Inc.' started by reefmonkey, May 9, 2012.

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    Mar 3, 2010
    SE South Dakota
    Being that sumps are so easy to DIY and by doing it myself I'm able to set them up exactly as I want that is the route I have always gone since I began using them. Until..
    Last fall I was given the Eshopps ADV-200 as a gift from a great friend. I've always felt bad because it sat for months in my fish closet. About 3 months back I finally had a need for it and put it to use.

    It is serving as the sump for an experimental large 150 G prop system. Sorry I can't show you pics of the system itself and the pictures of the sump are taken pretty close but you'll be able to judge compartment size.


    The above pic is from Eshopps site because I did not get any of the unpacking process. Primarily because the sump itself though new did not come to me factory packed.
    However if one was purchased this is what would come packed very safely into the box:
    3' of hose
    One 1" bulk head
    and some pretty cool light supports for the fuge chamber. (I have to admit I didn't use these because I only use 6500K CFL-R and clip ons)

    All of the compartments of this sump are very good sized for the purpose they are designed. The sump itself sits inside the stand meant for a 75 gallon aquarium and I was able to get it in there easily with out disassembling or modifying the stand itself.
    The sump dimensions are 30" X 14" X 16". The skimmer compartment measures
    14" X 9" but I do not have the skimmer in it.
    The over sized return section has built in triple probe holders and is large enough to hold the most frustrating skimmer I have ever owned and the calcium reactor. I chose to put the skimmer in there because it makes it easier for me to get to for maintenance and it doesn't release micro bubbles from the return. In addition to the skimmer and reactor, a Danner Mag 18 fits nicely.

    If I was not a DIY'er when it comes to equipment like sumps, this and the other ADV sumps would be the choice I would make. Eshopps is recognized the world over for quality equipment at very affordable prices. As a matter of fact I have been moving back into African Cichlids as of late and am looking at Eshopps wet/dry designs for the systems I have going now and plan in the future.

    This is a great piece of equipment and if you are not comfortable with DIY or don't have the means to do it yourself, look into Eshopps sumps.

    The best shot I could get of the drain section from the top
    The fuge area from the top. I can tell you that the rubble is an experiment I'm doing on nutrient control utilizing anaerobic bacterial zones and low flow.
    Another shot of the fuge section. Notice the dividing baffle between fuge and return is solid black acrylic. This is a great feature of this sump. If the light stands are used, no light will penetrate the return section which greatly reduces unsightly nuisance algae growth and coralline growth in the area or skimmers and pumps.
    The huge return section. I love the probe holders built in to it. Unfortunately I could not get a pic w/o disrupting my work. Currently there is a temp and pH (for the entire system) probe being held in it.
    One thing I'd like to add here is that I hate that RS Berlin skimmer with a passion. It does it's job but I feel that the fact it is so extremely difficult to fine tune and is a PITA to clean when needed makes it a horrible skimmer. I would really love an EShopps S-200 cone for this system.
    Below is the actual skimmer section. I have nothing in it but a TLF 150 Phosban Reactor.
    And finally a shot of the entire sump sitting in the stand. You can see the extra room I have on the end.

    I'd like to say again that if you don't have the means or confidence to DIY look into EShopps sumps. The quality and price can't be beat for any of their excellent equipment.