Clean Up Crew items back instock also new corals and fish

Discussion in 'Salty Critter' started by shawnz28, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. shawnz28

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    Jul 2, 2004
    Amherst, OH,Ohio
    Most clean up crew items are back instock included scarlet hermits, blue legs, solid bright red serpent starfish and more.

    We also received another coral shipment which includes Acropora, Torch, Hammer, Acans, Ricordea Yuma, and a few others.

    Please keep in mind this list will not be updated as items sell. If you have any questions about pricing or availability please email or call the shop.

    Some pics, though not including hammers and torches
    07/22/11 - Salty Critter

    New fish list
    Angels: Flame, Flameback, Swallowtail Zebra Female, Swallowtail Zebra Male, Imperator Juvenile, Bicolor
    Anthias: Squareback Male, Lyretail Female, Lyretail Male
    Blennies: Orange Spotted, Klausewitz's, Midas, Horned, Lawnmower, Tail-Spot
    Butterflies: Raccoon, Longnose, Copperband
    Cardinals: Longspine
    Clownfish: Gold Stripe Maroon
    Chromis: Green
    Coral Catfish
    Damsels: Azure, Starcki, Talbot's, 4 Stripe, Domino Gold, Blue Star, Blue Devil, 3 Stripe
    Dragonets: Red Scooter, Green Mandarin
    Goatfish: Bicolor
    Gobies: Yellow Watchman, Purple Firefish, Engineer, Diamond, Zebra Bar, Blue Dot Sleeper, Golden Head Sleeper
    Hawkfish: Flame, Arc Eye
    Pipefish: Dragonface, Bluestripe
    Tangs: Eibli Mimic, Tomini, Hippo, Desjardinii Sailfin, Scopas, Yellow, Lemon Peel Mimic, Orange Shoulder, Sailfin
    Wrasses: Naoko's Fairy, Solorensis, Male Red Velvet, Radiant, Leopard