Cant get MG up-Need advise

Discussion in 'Water Chemistry' started by Reefnjunkie, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. Reefnjunkie

    Reefnjunkie Feather Duster

    Jul 15, 2009
    Hey Seabass, sorry I fell away from this one. I had been using Brightwell's powder Magnesion-P. Sounds similar to the liquid you are using, I was following the directions and was gettina about 20-25ppm increase per day-thats when I capped at about 1170-1200 and started this thread.
    The reason I have not been back is it worked-I bumped my SG, it is currently at 1.025 an staying steady thanks to a auto top-off I built-no more dosing pump for water!
    I found after much reading that it seems you can dose at a max 100ppm a day-PLEASE confirm that yourself, I never did more than 70.
    See I err on caution-LOL.

    I'll fast forward a little, you see after the vodka dosing I was so focused on getting things right the MG issue took back burner.

    Well all is good now, with regard to little SNAFU I ran into-so I fired up a water test for MG since it had been 2 weeks (last test was 8/14-the day I stoped Vodka Dosing).

    The test on 8/14 was 1200, on 8/29 it was 1250, so I dosed with Kent Tech M (the liquid)
    test on 8/30 1320ppm, so I dosed a bit and now at 1360.

    I stopped using the Magnesion-P from Brightwell since it was not getting me anywhere QUICK-I even followed the directions and did the math to where I should have bumped the MG by at least 50, but all I got was my same 20-25?? Something really wrong there I thought. So the Tech M I add 200ml, yes 200, that got me to the 1320 and a little more today, I should be at 1360.

    I got the Tech M originally and was going to use it to dose, but when doing the math for how much to use and how low I was I would have used half of the gallon I bought. That is the reason I bought the Magnesion-P, it was supposed to be, and is, more concentrated-I just did not get the same results.

    Its funny the brightwell Magnesion-P I paid 20.00 for 10.6 oz, I can buy a gallon for 4.00 dollars less-add shipping I know but...............
    I did not feel comfortable using Epsom Salts to boost MG-dont you soak your feet in Epsom Salt-something like that -Another LOL.

    Anyway, if this got to long or off point PM me, I feel like crap for not following this, because I WAS there and it was frustrating not knowing why.

    I came back to this so I could find out who gave me the answer so I can pass some serious Karma their way-Being new I am just figuring out how alot ot this works.

    Hit me back if you are still searching for answers.

    Basiclly and there should be a sticky somewhere, but maybe the marble analogy holds true for more than "3 colors" but

    "In order to get your MG to levels in the 1350ppm range you must have a higher level SG-1.025 is what worked for me. An SG of 1.023 DID NOT work for me"

    GOOD LUCK:grinthumbs:
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  3. chuckdee

    chuckdee Peppermint Shrimp

    Feb 9, 2007
    Las Vegas
    Hey reefnjunkie, I've been watching this thread since I've posted, and would like to add a thing or two.
    I'm not sure if I would blame poor health of some corals entirely on dosing Vodka. Don't get me wrong, I haven't tried Vodka, nor do I trust it. I think they could have been in bad health due to the levels of your parameters. Most corals fight through hard times, but only for so long. Hopefully since your MG is at an acceptable level now, you'll have better luck..

    Also, I would like to update my previous post. Since posting my MG was 1280ppm, I was aiming for somewhere around 1400ppm. I was dosing Seachem's Advantage Magnesium right at their maximum recommended amount every other day with good success. It took a little over two weeks to get where I wanted. I started to see changes slowly, and I got my MG to 1420ppm without any loses. I'd say that stuff worked good for me..

    I think the manufacturers of all these Magnesium supplements make vague dosing instructions because they cannot possibly make the same dosing recommendation for every reef keeper.. You just have to feel out how much will do what in your reef.