Can the drain pipe to sump be too big?

Discussion in 'Refugium' started by 93msb, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. 93msb

    93msb Plankton

    Dec 10, 2013
    Freshwater guy here, but I need the help from the saltwater guru's on how to properly setup a sump and have a question about pipe sizing.

    I have a 60gal acrylic tank. I want to do an external box beananimal type overflow. My plan is to have a 30 gal sump with an ~800gph variable pump

    I'm trying to decide between the 16" or 24" ghost overflow.
    For full specs: Ghost Overflow | Reef Savvy

    The 16" has 1" bulkheads
    The 24" has 1.5" bulkheads

    Is there any downside going with the larger box and piping if my pump can only use 25-30% of the pipes potential? would the drain be noisier? or would it have a harder time starting a syphon?

    from my understanding there is a certain efficiency range you need to shoot for but im not sure if that applies to the size of the pipe or does the type of valve used (gate vs ball) make more of an impact.

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  3. Av8Bluewater

    Av8Bluewater Giant Squid

    Aug 27, 2008
    If I was you I would go to the bean animal thread on RC.
    I have a bean animal but I'm no expert but I will just share my mistakes.
    I currently have about 3 feet of horizontal plumbing on the siphon. Somewhere deep in the been animal thread on RC it is advised not to have any horizontal runs. I plan to re do that part. I am getting a little air in my siphon. Which makes a little noise. Should be an easy fix I just need to get around to it.
    On the siphon where it enters the water in your sump make sure it only goes down in the water a little. Mine goes about 1/2 inch. If it goes too far the siphon won't start. That would have saved me a ton of headaches.
    I got a quote from reef savy a while back .. they can make the bean animal holes/ghost overflow the way you want it.
    By the way that reef savvy ghost overflow is awesome and if it wasn't so much more money that is the way to go. Hope you get it. It would probably cost me about 4-5 thousand more than what I paid for my 230. I got a quote from them that was $3K for a 155 gallon.